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[edit] The Autonomous Wheelchair Project

We are a small group of technicians and programmers that want to build our autonomous wheelchair at the campside.

[edit] The Robot

The Autonomous Wheelchair is a robot that can act autonomously, it can recognize ostacles like animals, humans or dog-poo and will drive around them, or -on a case-to-case-basis- will acoustically warn them. Therefore it's equipped with cameras, microphones, GPS and GSM-communication.

[edit] Purpose of the Project

The Autonomous Wheelchair can patrol in difficult or dangerous areas, like foreign-populated neighborhoods or mosques without the need of an official escorting it, though a difficult mission can be performed without the risk of harm. The recordings of it's cameras and microphones will get saved for six months in a secure black-box along with the geographical position and eventual GSM-connections. The robot is able to recognize potential terrorist threat, this what we need the microphones and cameras for. For this purpose we developed algorithms to recognize spoken language, mood and gestures. We are also working on a way to collect data of surrounding GSM-phones, so we can determine where a particular person is calling at the moment.

The collected data gets evaluated, if it's score is above a configurable threshold the person or the group of persons is considered a terrorist threat and further action may be advisable. Therefore the Wheelchair will transfer it's position and collected data to the police where a officer may decide if the case is worth to investigate. Until this decision and the arrival of police officers the suspect is kept from escape through paralyzation with an electroshock-weapon.

Recognition-patterns can be expanded to recognize e.g. sprayers, anti-globalisation-activists or other combatants.

We are hoping to see you at the camp.

Workshop >
Autonomous Wheelchair Brainstorming and Hacking

We need your help to build our robot, so please come if you want to contribute your ideas or if you are experienced in programming (Mainly C and C++) or if you just want to learn more.

Where Meeting in front of Hackcenter, look here for updates
Language English, German
When Day 9th August @ 2 pm,

Duration: 03:23

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