camp rocket

near berlin, germany
6/7/8 august 1999

the story
the camp

what is it?

celebrating the arrival of the heart of gold, the chaos computer club is organizing a three-day hacking open air event for nerds, hackers and phreaks from all over the world. this thing is pretty much in the tradition of HEU and HIP, if you remember those.

campsitethe camp will take place from august 6th to august 8th, 1999. on a field near berlin, germany. we will provide the infrastructure for a complete and satisfying hacking experience: electricity and ethernet for every tent and on-site facilities for food and drinks.

there will be tents to discuss and hack and a lake along the field invites you to relax. there will be a speedy connection to the internet for the whole campnet network. you can bring your computer equipment to the camp site and hook it up to the campnet network and the internet.

if you like, you can combine your stay at the camp with a trip to southern germany or austria to see the solar eclipse 99 at august, 11th.

check out the update section and place your comments or questions on the web-based discussion forum.

this is going to be fun!

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