Change of Plan — Video Streams For Peace Missions

In one of our last posts we’ve invited all peace missions to register their IP addresses by mail. Registered IP addresses will be granted access to a dedicated video streaming relay.

We’ve received mails from lots of people, who’d like to set up a peace mission and gave us their IP address. So far, so good – it’s cool to see so much interest. Unfortunately, now you’ve invested time for sending us an email, we do change the registration procedure.

There will be a web site, where peace missions can register. After we’ve acknowledged a registration you may add or change your IP address on the white list.

Those of you, who already sent us an email, please re-register again by using that web interface.

We don’t know the URL yet, but we’ll post it as soon as we know it here and on the Peace Missions page in the wiki.

Please register your Peace Mission at 27c3 Peacekeeper to get guaranteed Bandwidth!

Bessere Congress-Videos — Spenden für die FEM

Ein Hinweis in nicht nur eigener Sache:

Die FEM, welche uns bereits seit mehr als 6 Jahren mit dem Filmen, Schneiden, Streamen und Archivieren des Congresses unterstützt, möchte ihr Equipment und damit die Qualität der Videos verbessern.

Daher geben wir deren Bitte um Unterstützung mit Freude an euch weiter. Weitere Informationen und einen Spenden-Button finden sich auf deren Webseite:

Another thing…

The FEM, which helped us for more than 6 years with filming, cutting, streaming and archiving the Congress, needs to buy new and better equipment for a better video quality.

We’re pleased to communicate their call for participation. Please visit their website for more information and the donation-button:

SIGINT10 recordings available

Some of you might have already noticed that the biggest part of this year’s SIGINT recordings were published on These videos are also available for online viewing in your web browser in our media archive.

The last bunch of videos will be available after manual cutting and reencoding. Unfortunately this needs some time. But it will not be forgotten. This is the list of those 28 missing files to complete the 68 recordings in total:

  • “cognitive_cities”
  • “the_medium_is_the_messiah”
  • “computer.spiele.politik”
  • “buying_privacy_in_digitized_cities”
  • “future_3.0”
  • “heart_of_gold”
  • “die_gescheiterte_revolution”
  • “die_kirche_im_staat_lassen”
  • “the_road_to_hell_is_paved_with_best_practices”
  • “volkszaehler”
  • “der_bug”
  • “hoist_the_colours”
  • “keykeriki_v2”
  • “peer_to_peer_communism”
  • “datenbrief”
  • “reach_out_and_touch_face”
  • “das_leben_der_anderen”
  • “indect”
  • “misstraue_autoritäten”
  • “auf_schritt_und_tritt”
  • “interaktive_demokratie”
  • “identitaets-kriege”
  • “digitaler_steuerbuerger”
  • “die_verfassungsbeschwerde_in_sachen_elena”
  • “deutschlandradio_-_breitband”
  • “(dis-)connected_worlds”
  • “eine_zensur_findet_statt”
  • “schoene_neue_kreative_welt”

The videos are in an Matroska format with the video encoded in x264 720p and audio in Ogg Vorbis. Feel free to reencode these videos in your favorite format for watching on your handheld and mobile devices.

Comments and recommendations are appreciated.

SIGINT 2009 audio and video recordings available

“For every month of preparation time that you did not have before recording an event add three months of work afterwards”. That might be a rule of thumb. Well, we had five days after spontaneously deciding to stand in and record SIGINT 2009. Due to the short preparation and setup time audio distortions occurred. If it would only have been for the notorious 50Hz/60Hz hum. Fortunately we were able to restore anything. Unfortunately this had to be done by hand.

But now the recordings have finally materialized! While most of the lectures were held in German there is also some english material available. The encoded SIGINT Video and Audio Recordings can be directly retrieved from Most people might prefer streaming video via We recorded in 720×576 DV, Stereo. The encoding was done in H.264 with AAC in an MP4 container.

For most of us recording and video-editing were a first-timer; an exception were the encoding people. While it was a hassle most of the time it was a chance to play with interesting hardware and learn something. Thanks to anyone who helped!

The recordings are licensed under a Creative-Commons-Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany license. Please consider spreading and mirroring.

In the next few weeks a SIGINT-Doku will likely be made available.

Update: Torrent of all available audio materials