SIGINT10 - final10

Konferenz für Netzbewohner, Hacker und Aktivisten

Day Day 2 - 2010-05-23
Room Workshop (MP7)
Start time 17:00
Duration 05:00
ID 3831
Event type Workshop
Track Aktivisten
Language used for presentation English

A Cloud of Stop Signs

Building a Zugangserschwernis-Infrastructure in Augmented Reality

Zugangserschwernis in (Augmented) Reality meets the Cloud - we build an AR-Zugangserschwernis-Infrastructure to share and distribute augmented stop signs (Workshop).

From the petrified Zugangserschwerungsgesetz to a new Jugendschutzaltersfreigabeparagraph and European net filter laws: Zugangserschwernis has never been more in vogue than today. So are Augmented Reality ( and "The Cloud".

We pack all these hot topics into one single workshop. At the end we will be able to put stop signs in front of possibly dangerous places (say, churches, catholic schools, priest seminars) in augmented reality. Plus: we also share and distribute these stops signs to others over a real Zensurinfrastructure in AR.

This is a sequel from my EH2010 workshop "Stop Signs Everywhere" ( In that workshop participants practiced Selbstzensur by placing stop signs from their mobile devices in augmented reality. Time to censor others!

It is a practical 5-hour (max) workshop developing a mobile distributed augmented reality on an Android device. Android development theory will be kept short - we will pick up the necessary concepts (camera, location, sensors, Open GL, network programming, application server, cloud services) on the way. We will recap the Easterhegg workshop in an hour or so at the beginning.

Prerequisites: Participants who want to get the most of this workshop should bring their Android mobile device (preferably running Android 2.1 and equipped with camera, GPS, digital compass and orientation sensors) and a laptop for development (with the Android SDK/eclipse installed and ready). If you have a different setup and cope, fine. Non-programmers are welcome as well. In general, the workshop provides opportunities for a wide range of interests and skills. It will be held in English or German, whatever makes sense.

We will code along together and exchange knowledge about location based and augmented reality, mobile network programming, "the Cloud" and some more. We will then go outside to test and share our augmented stop signs and experience the elation building a Zugangserschwernis-Infrastructure in the real (augmented) world.

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