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Greg Egan's "Orthogonal": A universe without timelike dimensions (Stage E, 23-12-27, 12:00-13:00):

A tale of scary thought experiments about simulated consciousness (feat. Greg Egan's Dust Theory) (Pseudoroom, 23-12-28, 00:15-01:15):

Greg Egan's "Dichronauts": A universe with two timelike dimensions (Stage Y, 23-12-28, 17:00-18:00):

Easter Eggs in Liu Cixin's "Three-Body" Trilogy (Pseudoroom, 23-12-28, 21:00-21:30):

A tale of scary thought experiments about extraterrestrial life (feat. Liu Cixin's Dark Forest) (Pseudoroom, 23-12-28, 23:00-24:00):

Introduction to acclaimed Chinese writers (Pseudoroom, 23-12-29, 18:00-18:45):

Einstein's field Equations: Understanding their gravity (Stage H, 23-12-29, 21:15-22:00):

Wormholes: A little go-through (Stage D, 23-12-30, 11:15-12:00):

Egan conjecture holds (Stage E, 23-12-30, 16:00-17:00):

Introduction and fun with Chinese characters (Pseudoroom, 23-12-30, 17:00-17:30):


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