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Duplo corner at Kidspace/31c3 (picture by @ploenne)


The Kidspace is meant to provide a space for kids with their special needs and their parents. It has been a permanent part of the event since the 30th Chaos Communication Congress in 2013.

But we still need helping hands of parents or angels to watch, and of course the curious kids to fill the provided space with life.


CCL Ebene 1 Foyer Ost (c3nav)


Bringing Toys always a good idea! But remember: We have kids as young as a few months up at the venue. So toys which can be swallowed by babies and toddlers shall not lay around unattended – same goes for the babies ;)

Usually people at the Congress care much about things not getting lost. If you still lose something you may have a good chance to find it at the Lost & Found (ask Infodesk).

Unfortunately, if things get broken we cannot compensate that.

Library Buildup

Donations needed: To build the Library of Babel. We need YOUR help expanding the section with books for children and young readers. You can do so by bringing your treasured possessions and collected works containing loads of valuable childhood memories. You can enhance the collection at the shelves in the Kinderstadt located at the first floor Foyer East declare exact position of the CCL

Child Care

There won't be any professional child care at the Kidspace!

Parents are advised to take care of their own kids and when possible have an eye on the others.

If parents would like to leave their kids unattended they need to get in contact with others and self-organize for caring. A good way to get in contact is the mailing list (see below).

If kids are left unattended at the kidspace they shall have at least an easy to find paper card with their parents mobile or dect number on it, so that others can contact them in case of any complication. Also those kids should be able to contact their parents somehow whenever they like.


Mailing List

We have installed a mailing list for parents and helpers. Just send a mail to to become a member.


Fixed schedules will be listed here and we have a twitter account for live announcements. If you use twitter please follow @c3kidspace to get what's upcoming.


We recommend that you bring DECT phones for you and your kids (see eventphone)

To reach the Kidspace organisation team from build-up until tear-down you can simply dial K-I-D-S (5437).


Baby and Toddler

You'll find facilities to change diapers at almost every accessible toilet.

Baby Corner at CCL Level 1

There is a silent corner for changing diapers or breastfeeding at edit exactly place. It is a quiet place to calm down.


SessionEvent TitleStartDurationLocation
Minecraft for 36c3 KiddiesMinecraft for 36c3 Kiddies - everytime27 December 2019 10:00:004,320 minKidspace
T-Shirt DruckT-Shirt Druck27 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
Selbstgebaute MusikSelbstgebaute Musik27 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
FactorioFactorio27 December 2019 12:00:00360 minKidspace
Selbstgebaute MusikSelbstgebaute Musik27 December 2019 16:00:00120 minKidspace
CalliopeCalliope27 December 2019 16:00:00120 minKidspace
ElektrobasteleiElektrobastelei28 December 2019 10:00:00120 minKidspace
T-Shirt DruckT-Shirt Druck28 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
FactorioFactorio28 December 2019 12:00:00360 minKidspace
Game Over SocietyGame Over Society28 December 2019 12:00:0030 minKidspace
Selbstgebaute MusikSelbstgebaute Musik28 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
Kidspace Standup meetingKidspace Standup meeting28 December 2019 14:00:0020 minKidspace
TrickmischTrickmisch28 December 2019 14:00:00120 minKidspace
Game Over SocietyGame Over Society28 December 2019 14:00:0030 minKidspace
Selbstgebaute MusikSelbstgebaute Musik28 December 2019 16:00:00120 minKidspace
CalliopeCalliope28 December 2019 16:00:00120 minKidspace
Wein : OfflineWein : Offline28 December 2019 18:00:0030 minKidspace
CalliopeCalliope29 December 2019 10:00:00120 minKidspace
T-Shirt DruckT-Shirt Druck29 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
Selbstgebaute MusikSelbstgebaute Musik29 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
FactorioFactorio29 December 2019 12:00:00360 minKidspace
ElektrobasteleiElektrobastelei29 December 2019 14:00:00120 minKidspace
TrickmischTrickmisch29 December 2019 14:00:00120 minKidspace
Selbstgebaute MusikSelbstgebaute Musik29 December 2019 16:00:00120 minKidspace
CalliopeCalliope30 December 2019 10:00:00120 minKidspace
Selbstgebaute MusikSelbstgebaute Musik30 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
T-Shirt DruckT-Shirt Druck30 December 2019 12:00:00120 minKidspace
FactorioFactorio30 December 2019 12:00:00240 minKidspace
TrickmischTrickmisch30 December 2019 14:00:00120 minKidspace

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Workshops for Kids elsewhere

SessionProcessed by
Calliope Games WorkshopC-base / CCC-B / xHain
MAKERbuino Programming SessionC-base / CCC-B / xHain
CoderDojo Neopixel HackingC-base / CCC-B / xHain
Python mit dem Lego EVO3 RoboterC-base / CCC-B / xHain
Chaoszone JunghackertagChaosZone
Curtisannes Cake CenterFoodhackingbase
MAKERbuino Building Session 2 @ Hardware Hacking AreaHardware Hacking Area
Soldering for Children and Beginners: Making an LED ToyHardware Hacking Area
Loeten fuer Kinder und Einsteiger: Wir Bauen ein LED-SpielzeugHardware Hacking Area
MAKERbuino Building Session 1 @ JunghackertagHardware Hacking Area
Makeup against surveillanceHerzSi
Fancy RGB-LED Cube Workshop (Junghacker Edition)Nibble Area
Nudeln hacken - Wettbewerb für Junghacker von 5 Jahren bis ∞ (Session A)Open Infrastructure Orbit
Trotz Schule die Zukunft meistern?Open Infrastructure Orbit


Ball bath

I can only show you the bath. YOU are the one who has to jump into it!


  • No shoes
  • No drinks
  • No food
  • No wires
  • Beware of the black hole at the bottom - it eats your stuff!
  • Please keep the balls within the bath - at least sometimes ;)
  • Beware of Maxwell's Demon ;-)

More Information

What's missing?

see the Calendar at Room:Kidspace

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