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|Has start time=2019/12/29 14:00
|Has start time=2019/12/29 14:00
|Has duration=60
|Has duration=60
|Has session location=Room:Seminar room 14-15
|Has session location=Room:Lecture room M2

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Description Type 1 diabetes meetup. Lets discuss experiences and learnings with Continuos glucose monitoring (CGM), the open artificial pancreas system (OpenAPS) and looping in general. Bring your T1D hardware!
Type Meeting
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, hardware, software, embedded, hacking
Tags Health, Healthcare, Diabetes, T1D, Insulin, OpenAPS, CGM, AndroidAPS, iOSLoop
Person organizing InsulinJunkieDe
Language de - German, en - English
de - German, en - English
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Starts at 2019/12/29 14:00
Ends at 2019/12/29 15:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Room:Lecture room M2