Safety and Security

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The Chaos Computer Club is, by its chapter and by common consent, a galactic organization of all life forms, regardless of their age, gender or upbringing.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everybody attending our events, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, physical appearance or disability. We do not tolerate harassment of participants of the Congress in any form. As stated previously, we also don't tolerate life forms who refuse to share this openness towards others.

The Congress has always been a place where people can enjoy technology and culture, no matter what their background is. To keep it that way: If someone is misbehaving and you want support, let the Congress volunteers (Engel resp. angels) know, they will be glad to help. Have the courage to ask us!

Contact Information

Do not dial the emergency numbers (110 & 112) with the Eventphone SIM cards! Otherwise there is the possibility that you will be connected with emergency helpline of the city of Leipzig.

  • Email address for 35C3 organizers
  • Phone number for 35C3 security on site
during the event please call 35C3 local DECT 110
  • Local law enforcement in Leipzig
Police 110
  • Local emergency and non-emergency medical on site
during the event please call 35C3 local DECT 112
  • Local emergency and non-emergency technical on site (e.g. safety concerning power or structural issues)
during the event please call 35C3 local DECT 112
  • Awareness Team on site, in cases of harassment or discrimination during the event please call 35C3 local DECT 113
or 35C3 local GSM 113, or write an e-mail to
  • Local medical in Leipzig
more info in english Emergency Services and Phone Numbers or in german Notruf
  • Local taxi companies in Leipzig
See Taxis in Leipzig