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|Has session tag=beer
|Is for kids=No
|Has description=We're going to play some rounds of the german drinking game "Flunkyball" right outside the main entrance
|Has website=www.upb-flunkyteam.de
|Has session type=Game
|Has session keywords=game
|Held in language=de - German, en - English
|Has orga contact=datenschutzistbesser@outlook.com
|Has subtitle=Day 4
|Has start time=2018/12/30 15:20
|Has duration=45
Flunkyball is a german drinking game involving hitting a plastic bottle with a small ball as well as drinking a beer really, really fast. If you want to participate, we will meet you outside of the main entrance. We still have some beer left (10 bottles) from yesterday, so we want to get rid of it before we depart.
We will play one or two rounds (until the beer is empty).
Just show up on time and play with us!
Yes, it's not after 16:00 (in German, "Kein Bier vor Vier!"), but it's just one or two beers, so it's fine ;)

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