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|Has size=33
|Has size=33
|Has number of seats=21
|Has number of seats=21
|Has equipment=projector, tables, no audio amplifier
|Has equipment=projector, tables, no audio amplifier, mic on tripod
|Has seating=classroom seating
|Has seating=classroom seating
|Provides session location=yes
|Provides session location=yes

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Part of venue CCL
Located on level +2
Size (in m²) 33
Seats 21
Seating classroom seating
  • projector
  • tables
  • no audio amplifier
  • mic on tripod
This room is avaliable for Static:Self-organized_Sessions

Lecture room 12 is one of the smaller workshop room in the CCL, has no tables and is best suited for smaller lecturing sessions or meetings. http://www.ccl-leipzig.com/rooms-technical-equipment/facilities-overview/lecture-room-12/


SessionEvent TitleStartDuration
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga27 December 2018 09:30:0060
Digital Health and Patient DataDigital Health and Patient Data27 December 2018 13:00:0060
F-Droid MeetupF-Droid Meetup27 December 2018 14:00:0060
42birds: Hacker’s Digest42birds: Hacker’s Digest27 December 2018 15:15:0045
Artificial intelligence: bridging the chasmArtificial intelligence: bridging the chasm27 December 2018 16:00:0060
Random hackingRandom hacking27 December 2018 17:00:0060
Herald Angel IntroductionHerald Angel Introduction - for the small group of new Heralds27 December 2018 18:00:00120
SSG MeetingSSG Meeting27 December 2018 20:00:00120
WerwolfWerwolf - Werwolf Meetup27 December 2018 22:00:00120
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga28 December 2018 10:15:0060
EPrivacy: Call to action!EPrivacy: Call to action! - Get active and fight for ePrivacy!28 December 2018 11:15:0045
42birds: Your First Steps with WebExtensions42birds: Your First Steps with WebExtensions28 December 2018 12:00:0045
Numerical Weather PredictionNumerical Weather Prediction - A gentle introduction to numerical weather prediction, running WRF, and visualizing results28 December 2018 13:00:00120
Blender Artists and Developer MeetupBlender Artists and Developer Meetup28 December 2018 15:30:0090
ComputerForensikfuerAnfaengerinnenComputerForensikfuerAnfaengerinnen28 December 2018 17:00:0060
Sparen am Aktienmarkt - Eine Zeitserienanalyse mit PythonSparen am Aktienmarkt - Eine Zeitserienanalyse mit Python28 December 2018 18:00:0090
Ein Tor-Verein für HamburgEin Tor-Verein für Hamburg - Der Stand der Dinge28 December 2018 19:30:0060
(Python) Programming for Absolute Beginners(Python) Programming for Absolute Beginners28 December 2018 20:30:0090
AcroYogaAcroYoga28 December 2018 22:00:0090
Applied electronic musicApplied electronic music29 December 2018 00:30:00180
Upload filters: Call to action!Upload filters: Call to action! - Help defend our freedom of speech on-line!29 December 2018 11:00:0060
SailfishOS (SFOS) MeetupSailfishOS (SFOS) Meetup - SFOS sailors on 35C329 December 2018 12:00:0060
EmacsEmacs29 December 2018 13:00:0060
IntrotoprogramminglanguagesforbeginnersIntrotoprogramminglanguagesforbeginners29 December 2018 14:00:0060
Structure and Content of the Visible DarknetStructure and Content of the Visible Darknet29 December 2018 15:30:0030
Commie curiousCommie curious - Session #2 follow-up discusssion29 December 2018 16:00:0060
Tuwat AG KritisTuwat AG Kritis29 December 2018 17:00:00120
Demarchy meetupDemarchy meetup - Demarchy / Sortition / Elections by random selection - interested?29 December 2018 19:15:0030
42birds: Nerd Game Show42birds: Nerd Game Show29 December 2018 20:00:0060
Esperanto – a planned nerd language actually spokenEsperanto – a planned nerd language actually spoken29 December 2018 21:00:0090
WerwolfWerwolf - Come and play Werwolf29 December 2018 22:30:0089
Formalizing mathematics in the proof assistant AgdaFormalizing mathematics in the proof assistant Agda30 December 2018 11:00:0090
WerwolfWerwolf - Come and play Werwolf30 December 2018 12:30:0090
Pädagog*innen denunzieren – oder wie die AfD Neutralität mit Kontroversität verwechselte.Pädagog*innen denunzieren – oder wie die AfD Neutralität mit Kontroversität verwechselte.30 December 2018 14:00:0060
42birds: Powerful Writing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.42birds: Powerful Writing? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.30 December 2018 15:15:0045
Ev0 - a new political party concept to restore faith in democracyEv0 - a new political party concept to restore faith in democracy - Let’s hack the political system from within.30 December 2018 17:00:0060
IPhone Qualcomm Baseband AnalysisIPhone Qualcomm Baseband Analysis30 December 2018 19:00:0030

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