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Located on level:
Enter the level where the room is located within the building as a number. Use 0 for the ground floor.
Has size:
Enter the approximate size of the hall in square meters.
Has number of seats:
Enter the number of seats that will be available within the room. This is interesting for workshop halls.
Has equipment:
Some information about the equipment like: Room has Tables, Chairs, Beamer (with resolution) and so on.
Has notes:
Some important notes that do not really fit into the fields above and are worth to be mentioned.
Location for self-organized sessions
If set to yes, this room will be available for self organized sessions.
Location {{#evmap: query= Has x-coordinate::+ Has y-coordinate::+!?Has x-coordinate!?Has y-coordinate|?limit=423 width=600px height=400px form=x=Hall[Has x-coordinate];y=Hall[Has y-coordinate];hide=1;disable=0 cursor=1 scrollTo=1 layer=name=Level 1;image=/congress/2015/wiki/extensions/EventMap/images/0x00.jpg;bounds=0.0,0.0,5940.0,4319.0;size=1408,1024 layer=name=Level 2;image=/congress/2015/wiki/extensions/EventMap/images/0x01.jpg;bounds=0.0,4320.0,5940.0,8639.0;size=1408,1024 layer=name=Level 3;image=/congress/2015/wiki/extensions/EventMap/images/0x02.jpg;bounds=0.0,8640.0,5940.0,12959.0;size=1408,1024 layer=name=Level 4;image=/congress/2015/wiki/extensions/EventMap/images/0x03.jpg;bounds=0.0,12960.0,5940.0,17279.0;size=1408,1024 layer=name=Level 5;image=/congress/2015/wiki/extensions/EventMap/images/0x04.jpg;bounds=0.0,17280.0,5940.0,21599.0;size=1408,1024


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