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Amalgamut assembly of Austrian and Hungarian Hackspaces  +
The criminalisation of unauthorised access is the original sin of computer crimes law. The free software community has long understood this but now everyone else is catching up. In the years following Aaron Swartz's death, the wider public has become increasingly aware of the importance of security research for the protection of their personal data. The role of hackers in journalism, as whistleblowers and journalistic sources, is increasingly visible. And free societies will always need protest and civil disobedience to raise awkward questions. While attempts to introduce "Aaron's Law" in the US ultimately failed, in this talk I'll talk about the developments in a number of jurisdictions that make Aarons Law-type reforms a realistic project in the next few years. In particular, I'll discuss the important implications of the EU draft whistleblowing directive for the free software community, the work I'll be doing through 2019 and the coalition we need to build in order to make Aaron's Law a reality.  +
about:freedom cluster is focused on digital rights politics and free software advocacy. It's a union of different and diverse organisations from all over the world promoting free software and defending and extending digital rights. Transparency, rule of law, freedom, privacy, equal access and participation are the core defining principles of this orbit. It's an open policy arena in which we wish to meet and exchange with every freedom fighter out there!  +
„Nur 03h01m vom Alexanderplatz – die ganze Nacht lang!“  +
AcroYoga is a physical practice which combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.  +
Advanced Bondage Workshop  +
After a short dive into the current state of instant messaging, we'll see how to take back our communications with aenigma, a fully standard-compliant and secure out-of-the-box xmpp server automation project.  +
networking platform for refugees and volunteers  +
Voctomix / Voctoknopf discussion after the daily meetup for A/V angels (day 3)  +
Luft, Wasser und Lebensmittel - entdecke einige interessante Eigenschaften der Stoffe aus deiner Umgebung.  +
Socialize with other Demosceners and rescue your old Amiga Floppy Disks as adf/SD  +
Ich werde euch eine Ideensammlung an die Hand geben, wie ihr euch bei bestimmten Situationen verteidigen könnt. Der Workshop ist praxisorientiert. Es wird Schlag/Tritt und Würge-Abwehr trainiert. Als Bonus gibt es dieses mal Befreiung aus mit Kabelbindern gefesselten Händen.  +
Anarchist Black Cross is a solidarity organization  +
Anarchist meeting spot and hacking place  +
16H10, M1. Rescheduled from 14h to 16h10. Sorry for the inconvenience  +
We party and invite all creatures to party with us and explore the different genres of electronic music  +
Arch Linux user meetup  +
''Learn to solder together a cool, powerful music synthesizer,<br>       and learn to make cool music, sound, and noise!''<br><br>''(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 35C3 in the huge '''Hardware Hacking Area!)'''''<br> <br> This workshop will be given:<br>    Day 4: 30-Dec, 12pm - 2pm<br>  +
''Learn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project''<br> <br> You've probably heard lots about '''Arduino'''. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a '''TV-B-Gone''' remote control out of an '''Arduino''' you can take home with you.<br> <br> ''(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 35C3 in the huge '''Hardware Hacking Area!)'''''<br> <br> This workshop will be given twice<br>(both identical):<br>    Day 2: 28-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm<br>    Day 3: 29-Dec, 1pm - 4:30pm<br>  +
“People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they're too stupid and they've already taken over the world.”  +
Audio Angel Introduction  +
The idea of this workshop is to share experiences with audio recording hardware and software.  +
Introduction Meeting for Auti Support Angel and Auti Angel  +
Autistic Meetup  +
Autistic Meetup - zweites Treffen aller interessierten Autistinnen und Autisten  +
Please write us an e-mail to register / Bitte schreibt uns eine Mail zum Anmelden -- Awarenessteam-Treffen, für interessierte Personen die auf zukünfigen Events gerne das Team bereichern wollen. Awareness Team meeting, for interested people who like to join the team in the future,  +
Assembly of Backspace, the hackerspace in Bamberg, Bavaria  +
Daily jeopardy sessions at Backspace assembly  +
BalCCon2k19 - 13th - 15th September 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia  +
Metaldays Group Camping meetup  +
We create a box for making beef jerky together. Each participant (10 spots available) gets to take their box home!  +
Beer tasting at the FoodHackingBase. Taste some beers which are not very typical in german. Donations at your will, or bring at least 2 liters of unusual beer  +
bepasty is like a pastebin for all kinds of files (text, image, audio, video, documents, ..., binary).  +
Final Workshop with participatns of the fellowship program by Reporters Without Borders Germany  +
Electric vehicles for fun  +
BigTrak is a vintage programmable electric vehicle toy. Let's play!  +
We are a Hackspace from Regensburg and will provide you with a lot of blinking stuff. Feel free to come by.  +
Hörertreffen vom Binärgewitter Podcast  +
A place for all topics Bitcoin & Lightning-Network  +
A giant LED-banner consisting of 16 5-meter long 30 LEDs/meter strips.  +
International women only CTF team - Open for new members  +
Anyone interested in 3D stuff is welcome c: (Person organizing: betalars, but I can't put my name there for some reason :c)  +
blinKNlights model 1:118  +
Learn to see the world without your eyes: hands on, with blindfold and guide cane! Learn to use your everyday senses in ways you don't know you don't know, from Sai, who navigates blind all the time.  +
CCL level 0 next to the escalators. C3nav c:0:251.01:355.76. Placeholder assembly to mark start location of blind navigation workshops  +
A group of people interested in blinking objects, electronic art and hardware hacking in general.  +
The word blockchain has become incredibly overhyped in recent years, and even mentioning the word is enough to earn eye rolls from people in hacker culture. Diego is looking to break down the grandiose claims to look at what blockchain actually is, while giving a light-hearted, joke-filled take on blockchain culture, hacker culture, and the technology itself. Laugh and learn at the same time!  +
Diego "rehrar" Salazar helps the scrubs navigate through the very complicated blockchain technology. After this talk, you will move from "scrub" status to "enlightened" status. All people will receive a certificate of completion after they've finished the talk.  +
In this session we will explore the notions used in hacking through interactive physical exercises. Creating the body-based code for the software, based on systemic thinking and non-equilibrium dynamics.<br><br> <span style="color:orange">'''''Physical practice workshop + interactive exercises. No experience needed, but get ready to work out.'''''</span>  +
We will teach you some foundations on doing rope bondage safe, sane and consentual.  +
Beginner's Bondage Workshop  +
Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption.  +
BorgBackup Meetup for users and contributors  +
Wolltest Du schon immer mal sehen wie man Wasserstoff herstellt oder wie eine Brennstoffzelle funktioniert? Ich habe ein kleines Modell dabei, das einen Propeller antreibt.  +
Briar is a free (GPLv3), decentralized (using Tor or bluetooth meshing), end-to-end encrypted messenger which is not tied to phone numbers. We are fans who want to present it and create a congress-wide group.  +
DE/EN/Fi Build a little electronic insect robot from a toothbrush and a motor  +
Build your own yubikey-like personal USB-authentication-stick.  +
Burner Meetup at Discodrama Bar  +
the first and only hackerspace in Ingolstadt  +
delivering postcards - inside and outside congress  +
Podcast vom c3, der Assemblies, Self-Organized Session, Projekte und anderes interessantes vom Kongress vorstellt!  +
Like last year's CSOC the assembly is intended as place to hang out (and to show of projects) for everyone interested in space exploration, space travel, satellites, cubesats, satellite tracking, diy astronomy, amateur rocketry ... you name it.  +
A model train built after the Trainquilizer Feldbahn at CCCamp15  +
Map and Navigation for the 35c3  +
a source of things to do if boredom (or lack of creativity) sets in  +
We want to form a team working towards sustainable c3 events in terms of environment and climate impact  +
Der schweizer CCC  +
Das Gettogether des CCC-CH am 35c3  +
Gemeinsames Chorsingen. Singing in a choir. All creatures welcome.  +
Freiburg Assembly  +
Chaos Computer CTreffen Potsdam  +
Einweisung der Lötengel die beim Junghacker-Tag (28.12.18/Tag 2) den Junghackern beim Löten helfen. Du kannst Dich auf dem Lötengel-Meeting als Lötengel freischalten lassen. Das Meeting findet am 27.12.18 um 18 Uhr statt.  +
blockchain technology and crypto currencies  +
Talks and come togethers related to the CRYPTO Currency Assembly  +
a peer-to-peer, off-grid, community-first, hackable chat platform  +
Calliope Workshops für Kinder und Jugendliche  +
Trickfilm-Workshop: Mach deinen eigenen Trickfilm! Du kannst dafür eigene Zeichnungen, Scherenschnitte und Bildhintergründe erstellen und am Computer animieren. Die Filme könnt ihr später auf Trixmix.tv sehen und herunterladen. Auf Trixmix.tv kann jeder eigene Trickfilme online erstellen. Alle Zeichungen aus dem kollektiv erstellten Bildwörterbuch können dafür verwenden.  +
Want to try being a cashdesk angel? You'll need this introduction first.  +
We are located as a Subassembly of ChaosZone, next to the Haecksen dome, watch out for the cats!  +
Draw a Cat, bring it to our Assembly, win the prize pool!  +
A meetup for bug hunters to network and discuss the current issues in the bug bounty space  +
Postal services within 35C3 and towards the default world  +
Steht für die Rechte aller im Rahmen der Chaos Post Beschäftigten ein  +
Wir als Chaostreff Flensburg machen (Technik) Jugend Bildung außerhalb von Schulen und wollen darüber reden und wissen wie das andere machen.  +
Federated Assembly of Hackspaces from the East  +
Hi! We are the Chaos mentors. We support newcomers by teaming them up with mentors.  +
Die lokale CCC Vertretung im Herzen des Ruhrgebiets.  +
Der Chaostreff Chemnitz (ChCh) ist ein lockeres Treffen von technikbegeisterten und kreativen Menschen.  +
Hackerspace & Makerplace  +
As we have seen on the CCCamp2015, power cuts can happen. Therefore a power independent communication channel is a must have. Furthermore would it be nice to have a way to communicate from one Seidenstraßen Node to another one. All of this and a lot more is the Chaosvermittlung.  +
The place to be, if you are interested in how to make the most use of your OS-like editor. Lispers and schemers very welcome.  +
The Church of Monero is the world's first decentralized, open source Religion. The evolutionary purpose of Religion is to propagate distilled memetic information efficiently through stories. Our vibrant community of 30 members meet twice a week and use the Monero technology together.  +
The Church of Monero holds weekly "Masses" where other disciples of privacy send each other a small amount of Monero in a circle-of-trust "Ring Ritual".  +
What inspired the Church of Monero? What is the purpose of the Church of Monero?  +
We will taste variety of cidres.  +
Making of cidre/cider.  +
Create a zero knowlage circuit and verify it onchain.  +
Learn programming, Lerne Programmieren  +
Let's talk about creating the software that stimulates imagination and creative thinking, not consumerism and dopamine addiction. I will also demonstrate a text network analysis tool called InfraNodus that helps visualize a text as a network to generate insight about a discourse.  +