900 WS2812B LED Video Wall

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Description Selfmade Videowall (Dispaly) with 30x30 Pixel, WS2812B LED's
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Persons working on Homwer
Tags LED, WS2812B, Raspberry Pi, Video Wall, Display
Located at assembly Assembly:Chaostreff_Flensburg
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We are working on a display made with 900 WS2812B LED's Resolution is 30x30. Hardware is done and working, now we need the software. A basic snake game is running but we would like to be able to display gifs and images, maybe with a web upload.


  • Size: 500x500 mm
  • 30 ws2812b led stripes, 900 LED’s
  • 26A Powersupply
  • Raspberry Pi


You are welcome to have a look and discuss the projects and faults in our design. We are using a raspberry pi as controller but can connect a arduino or similar. You are wellcome to participate in the coding, python3 is used, or test your own code. Just come and ask! We don’t bite.