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  • Assembly:SDR Challenge  + (We run the Software Defined Radio Challenge)
  • Projects:C3sustainability  + (We want to form a team working towards sustainable c3 events in terms of environment and climate impact)
  • Session:Solidarity photo for Rojava  + (We want to make a photo to show our solidarity with the people in Rojava.)
  • Session:Sign Language User Gathering  + (We want to meet and connect with sign language using humans. Wir wollen uns mit anderen Gebärdensprachlern treffen und vernetzen.)
  • Session:Probiotic Drinks Making  + (We will brew and taste variety of probioitic beverages sharing also the cultures.)
  • Session:DIY Ductace Wallets  + (We will buld wallets made of ductape (or gWe will buld wallets made of ductape (or german Gaffer). This will take you around 2h. We will have some examples walltets and a lot of ductape. You need todo the rest by yourself and the help of the other people. Here is an example:
  •  + (We will discuss about how to make better!)
  • Session:Kefir Making  + (We will learn how to work with kefir culture making variety of delicious products.)
  • Session:Hacking through the Body: Systema and Aerodynamics of Cognitive Dance  + (We will practice the concepts of vulnerabiWe will practice the concepts of vulnerability, infiltration and disruption through physical interactive exercises in order to gain additional insights into their operation.

    '''''Physical practice workshop + interactive exercises. No prior experience needed. Total refresh.'''''
    ises. No prior experience needed. Total refresh.'''''</span>)
  • Session:FAQin congress presentation  + (We will present FAQin congress and its CTF to anyone willing to get some nice time in March in Madrid)
  • Session:Cidre Flows  + (We will taste variety of cidres.)
  • Session:Bondage Workshop  + (We will teach you some foundations on doing rope bondage safe, sane and consentual.)
  • Session:Workshop with Le RESET: Writing interactive speculative fiction with Twine  + (We will write together new utopian, situatWe will write together new utopian, situated, fun, anti-capitalist narratives and will question imaginaries around feminist, ancestral, autonomous, emancipatory, anti-capitalist technologies. We will use Twine, a free software that allows fast creation of interactive narrativesws fast creation of interactive narratives)
  • Session:Write your own OS  + (We'll show an self-written operating system and explain how to write your own one.)
  • Session:42birds: Hacker’s Digest  + (We'll talk about fiction and non-fiction books.)
  • Projects:Indoor Localization Game Controller  + (We're experimenting with immersive games that utilize an indoor localization system)
  • Session:Flunkyball Day 1  + (We're going to play some rounds of the german drinking game "Flunkyball")
  • Session:Flunkyball Day 2 Session 1  + (We're going to play some rounds of the german drinking game "Flunkyball" right outside the main entrance)
  • Session:Flunkyball Day 3  + (We're going to play some rounds of the german drinking game "Flunkyball" right outside the main entrance)
  • Projects:Listling  + (Web app for collaboratively composing lists.)
  • Session:Film -- Welcome to the first world  + (Welcome to the first world, a promise shining on the horizon.)
  • Session:Church of Monero Talk  + (What inspired the Church of Monero? What is the purpose of the Church of Monero?)
  • Session:Wondrous Mathematics: Fun with transfinite games  + (What's better than ordinary finite games? Transfinite games! Learn how these work, and how you win at them, in this hands-on workshop.)
  • Session:Fund-Raising for Free Software - Thinking Big  + (While looking at Free and Open Source SoftWhile looking at Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) products for end-users, three major observations can be made: 1. There exist amazing products, 2. nevertheless FOSS has only a small market share and 3. many projects suffer from lacking resources.In this session we want to discuss an idea to generate significant funding for Free Software and distribute it among the projects with the overall aim of increasing the spread and the quality of Free Software.We first review existing business models and then propose the sale of *FOSS-support-certificates* as a feasible combination of some of those.With that money, FOSS projects would have more resources for development, design, marketing, documentation, etc. A rough estimate of the funding potential yields up to 1000 full time positions. Due to increased publicity and improved user experience, the market share of FOSS is likely to rise - to the benefit of the whole society. Contact: kontakt<ät>fsfw-dresden.deciety. Contact: kontakt<ät>
  • Session:WhiskyTasting  + (Whisky tasting at the FoodHackingBase. Taste some whiskys and Scottish or other snacks. Donations at your will, or bring your own bottle!)