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Please add yourself here if you can offer a shared ride (or e.g. a groupticket for train etc), or if you looking for some ride. Don't forget to leave a contact and/or maybe subscribe this wikipage to see if someone else adds a fitting offer or request.



from date type who / contact comment
Lüneburg/Uelzen 26/12 start ~10:00 (morning) Ford Fiesta (Cambio Carsharing) alsternerd 2 1 seats (1 front, 1 back) with not much lugguage / Route
Passau 26/12 afternoon/evening Ford Focus hasdf 2-3 seats / relatively big trunk / via Regensburg / Route
Melsungen 25/12 early morning Ford Focus Turnier zENjA 1 Front seat / no back seat - blocked for luggage & Material only / via Kassel or Göttingen possible / Route
Gladbeck 26/12 morning (10-11 a.m.) Mercedes Benz E200 Guysbert 1 Front seat / 2 back seats (if everyone has just basic luggage) / Route
Hamburg (East) 26/12 afternoon VW Golf VII CNG DerAndere Contact Threema: Y2RA7SHH 1-2 seats (depending on luggage amount/volume) / probably via Hannover and Magdeburg or Berlin (subject to change)]


to date type who / contact comment
TO DD/MM night/morning/noon/afternoon/evening TYPE (of CAR) user Comment, how many, space available etc.

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