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Human Dating

  • Asking to stop Xkaz editing transphobic shit. - siri

Boy seeks Girl

  • Removed some content that's clearly meta, pasting it here:

"Guys, i don't know what experience you have in the dating scene but i think we can be a lot less creepy ;) <-- Hi! Could you provide some context (all of the below entries? Why? Also, tbh, even as a guy, what I find creepy is that there's not a single entry for Girl seeks Boy - it's not the 1950s anymore!)"

  • i don't think it's creepy for girls to not be available for dating, because a) nobody has a right to other people's romantic/sexual interest and b) some guys will just stalk the girls who put themselves out there relentlessly like a pack of fucking hyenas. Sorry, boys, but it's these assholes who ruin it for you, not the girls. - siri
    • For most men it's the only winning move. - IeW0Eewo
      • "Win" at what? Getting prison for harassment? :D - siri
        • Winning as in finding someone to reproduce with (or at least satisfy related natural instincts). And by 'it', I meant persistence in general, not specifically illegal harassment. - IeW0Eewo
  • You still don't have any right to other people for that. Rather than "persisting" and writing mean things in dating sections, please consider being a nice person instead. - siri