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All talks of the main tracks are going to be streamed and recorded, except the following (which will be neither streamed, nor recorded):

Please refrain from publishing streamdumps. We usually publish all recordings within a couple of hours after each talk.


Contact us via Twitter at @c3streaming or via IRC at

Further information

There will be no DVB-T or multicast streaming this year, sorry.



All talks

echo HD; wget -nc -i <(curl | sed 's|.*<a href="\(.*mp4\)">.*|\1.torrent|g' | grep torrent) ; #OR#  echo SD; wget -nc -i <(curl | sed 's|.*<a href="\(.*mp4\)">.*|\1.torrent|g' | grep torrent)'


Who (in alphabetical order) What
Agslogo v12.png Audio and video equipment
File:Cix-logo.png Transit for streaming servers
05-femlogoname-blau-91 height.gif Audio and video equipment
File:Froscon logo.png CDN servers
Supporter-Hetzner.png CDN servers
File:ISystems.png Audio and video equipment