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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Streams / Recordings}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Streams / Recordings}}
* '''Live streams''' are available at [http://streaming.media.ccc.de http://streaming.media.ccc.de]
* '''Live streams''' are available at https://streaming.media.ccc.de
* All '''recordings''' will be published at [https://media.ccc.de/c/33c3 https://media.ccc.de/c/33c3]
* All '''recordings''' will be published at https://media.ccc.de/c/34c3

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All talks of the main tracks are going to be streamed and recorded, except the following (which will be neither streamed, nor recorded):

Please refrain from publishing streamdumps. We usually publish all recordings within a couple of hours after each talk, and there is relive!


Contact us via Twitter at @c3streaming or via IRC at irc.hackint.eu/#voc-lounge.

Further information

DVB-T2: TBD, not live yet.



All talks



see Static:Supporters#VOC