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Schedules & Information

Type of tickets and prices

General information in English by the transport association:

The LVB agreed to offer an event ticket. Pay 16,70 for a ticket valid in most of Leipzig during 34C3 (27.-30.12.17). More infos can be found in the blog post

You can get tickets either at a ticket machine on the platform or in a service center or shop of the LVB. Tickets bought there are valid after validating them in the Tram, Bus or at the Train Platform.

If you dpn't have a ticket when entering the Tram or Bus, you can get one inside which is valid imediatly.

The LVB offers different kind of tickets for example one-way, day-, week- and month-tickets. There is also a group-version of their day ticket.



Look for light ivory colored cars with a yellow light on top or call any of these randomly selected numbers:

+49341 4884 Taxi 4884
+49341 86329777 Taxi Direct
+49341 2222 4444 City Taxi Leipzig

Most cars accept credit cards or debit (Maestro), but if you depend on it, ask in advance.

Taxi fares are regulated and it is not possible to haggle over them (except for long distance journeys leaving Leipzig).

  • Initial fee: 3,50€
  • Every km <= 2 km: 2,50€ (day) 2,70€ (night)
  • Every km from 3 km to 10 km: 1,80€ (day) 2€ (night)
  • Every km >= 12 km: 1,70€ (day) 1,80€ (night)
  • Daytime is weekdays 05:00-20:00
  • Added one-time fee of 7€ for trips with more than 4 people.
Example: 5 km trip (day) = 13,90€ (1-4 people), 20,90€ (>4 people, "Großraumtaxi").

Car rental

There are several Car-Rental Services avaliable in Leipzig Just search for Sixt, Starcar, Europcar, etc..

Bike rental