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Simple Design Generator

If you want to try to create your own sign, you can use the Design Generator.

Version History

  • 2017-11-30 Initial Release

Design Guide – Please read carefully


Please see repository for convenience.



As defined in the Design Guide:

Dark Red C:40, M:100, Y:85 R:164, G:28, B:49 #a41c31
Light Blue C:65 R:0, G:204, B:255 #00ccff
Lilac C:20, M:70 R:255, G:51, B:255 #ff33ff
Yellow C:5, Y:86 R:255, G:255, B:51 #ffff33
Light Green C:49, Y:97 R:153, G:204, B:0 #99cc00
Orange M:71, Y:94 R:255, G:102, B:0 #ff6600
Dark Blue C:90, M:100, Y:33, K:21 R:51, G:0, B:102 #330066


git clone

Credit / License


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