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== Venue ==
The {{NUMBER}}th Chaos Communication Congress takes place in the  [http://www.cch.de/ Congress Center Hamburg], Germany.
The Congress Center Hamburg is located just a few minutes away from the Dammtor train station which is a major transport hub of northern germany and also within the public transport network of Hamburg. Light rail is called S-Bahn and in the Dammtor station you will find the lines S11, S21 and S31. The subway station is called »Stephansplatz« and is on the U1 line. The “Dammtor” station is also a major train station for long distance trains (e.g. ICEs) to Scandinavia, Berlin, Hannover and further into Europe.
Close to the CCH are areas like Schanzenviertel, Alster, Reeperbahn, Jungfernstieg and lot’s of other interesting places where you can hang around or party. For food you probably want to have a look around the area around the campus of Hamburg University (north of the venue), around Grindelallee or from Dammtor to Gaensemarkt.
Moving to the new venue also means we will have bigger halls for the lectures: The biggest one already fits nearly as much people as the whole bcc did (on paper ;)
<!--Another one has a nominal capacity of 800 people – that’s close to the old bcc capacity of bcc’s big hall Saal 1. The third one will be smaller, with nominal space for around 380 persons it provides an amount of seats similar to Saal 2 or Saal 3 in Berlin.  -->
There will again be space for you and your [[Static:projects]], and – as you already have read in the blog post on [[Static:assemblies]] – some more space for [[Static:Self-organized_Sessions|small scale talks, workshops and various events and hacktivities]] all around the building.
Of course, there will be a lounge as well!
== Map of config of the building ==
There is a 1st version of a map online [[Media:Cchmap.pdf|in the wiki (33c3-map)]]. Please don't consider this a final. There are signs on the tables as well, and not all of them in the map.
== Address ==
: [[Location::CCH Congress Center Hamburg, Am Dammtor / Marseiller Strasse, 20355 Hamburg| ]]CCH Congress Center Hamburg
: Am Dammtor / Marseiller Strasse
: 20355 Hamburg
: [http://tinyurl.com/29c3-location OpenStreetMap]: http://tinyurl.com/29c3-location
: [http://tinyurl.com/29c3-location2 GoogleMaps]:    http://tinyurl.com/29c3-location2
== Surroundings ==
: [[Static:Food and drinks|Food and Beverage]]
<!-- : [[Sightseeing in Hamburg]] -->
: [[Static:Useful Places]]
: [[Static:Local_Transport]]
== Some maps ==
* [https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/CCH/Areas The old wiki] for maps on more details on the new venue.
* The website of CCH provides some maps [http://www.cch.de/en/visit/orientation CCH-Orientation], too: [http://www.cch.de/fileadmin/HMC/img/fotos/CCH/VRundgang/3d_aufnahmen_dt/eg.jpg Floor 00], [http://www.cch.de/fileadmin/HMC/img/fotos/CCH/VRundgang/3d_aufnahmen_dt/1og.jpg Floor 01], [http://www.cch.de/fileadmin/HMC/img/fotos/CCH/VRundgang/3d_aufnahmen_dt/2og.jpg Floor 02]

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