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Area needed 24  +
Arrival and build up We do not intend to bring big installations, so we will set everything up on the first day.  +
Brings We will bring a small amount of informational material (flyer) and some decoration (some Tor theme and some logo of our association to stand or hang up).  +
Extra power {{{Extra power}}}  +
Has assembly tag tor  + , free software  + , free networks  + , free speech  + , the onion router  + , privacy  + , safety  + , anonymity  + , security  + , secure desktop  + , whistle blower  +
Has assembly type place to show and meet  +
Has contact Head to and use the contact form, that way it will reach the right person.  +
Has description Meeting and discussing Tor related problems, questions and technology. Also discussing the problems of how to host, what to take into account when setting up an exit for the Tor network and the problems facing when doing so.  +
Has orga contact  +
Has website  +
Near passage would be great  +
Need fibre no  +
Needs extra seats 0  +
Needs seats 12  +
Orbit of Cluster:Rights & Freedoms +
Projekte We are working on extending our number of exits and relays, the most important thing is to get in touch with other organisations around Tor, but also getting in contact with hosters and providers willing to offer us network access.  +
Provides session location maybe  +
Provides stage no  +
Related to Assembly Assembly:Tails + , Assembly:OONI-verse + , Assembly:Diaspora +
Uses money yes we handle money  +
Has queryThis property is a special property in this wiki. Assembly:Tor + , Assembly:Tor + , Assembly:Tor + , Assembly:Tor + , Assembly:Tor + , Assembly:Tor + , Assembly:Tor +
Categories Session location  + , Assembly  + , Parent Assembly  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 23 December 2017 10:44:15  +
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