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Description this session is about coming together to share your printed or self made sticker with same interest people. bring them: artistic ones, political ones, storytelling ones, yout tagsticker, your favorite sticker materials, whatever. how many? from 1 to endless items. exchange them with sticker loving people.

whatever you want to bring in.

alle die bock haben sollen ihre sticker zur session mitbringen. egal ob 1 oder 1000- bring mit. je nach nachfrage können wir uns noch einmal am 30.12. treffen. spot is da wo klassembly cornert. welche sticker denn? (fast) alle! -- künstlerisch, kritisch, politisch, whatever. oder eben dein altes stickerbuch von früher. damit deine sticker bald überall ausser nur daheim kleben.

Type Game
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social
Tags #sticker, #art, #design, #dyi, #tag, #exchange, #street
Processing assembly Assembly:Klassembly
Person organizing User:Lisi 0ne.raw
Language de - German, en - English, ru - Russian
de - German, en - English, ru - Russian
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