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Description Have you failed? Economically, artistically, does your Mom like your art?

We, the FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL are here to discuss all the wonderful ways of failing.

Join us and become a FAILED ARTIST today!

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Subtitle It´s not a bug, it´s a failure.
Starts at 2017/12/29 18:00
Ends at 2017/12/29 19:20
Duration 80 minutes
Location Room:Komona Aquarius

We are happy to announce a FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL sign-up-event at 34C3. Failed artists of any kind are invited to apply for a free membership, receive the sought-after member button and most importantly: and discuss failures.

Sign up: Get your membership forms any time during 34C3 (location TBA).

Session: Anonymized failure descriptions will be presented during the session. If you want to share a story in the session, please contact Fleg.

About F.A.I.: F.A.I. was established in 2017 to foster a critical, but fun analysis of (artistic) failures. Previous sign-up-events were held at Schmiede – Playground for Arts, Austria and Kunstmuseum Bochum, Germany.

Web: / Instagram: @failedartists