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|Located on level=+2
|Located on level=CCL +2
|Has size=47
|Has size=47
|Has number of seats=30
|Has number of seats=30

Latest revision as of 23:57, 24 December 2017

Level CCL +2
Size (in m²) 47
Seats 30
  • projector
  • no tables
This room is avaliable for Static:Self-organized_Sessions

Lecture room 12 is one of the smaller workshop room in the CCL, has no tables and is best suited for smaller lecturing sessions or meetings. http://www.ccl-leipzig.com/rooms-technical-equipment/facilities-overview/lecture-room-12/


SessionEvent TitleStartDuration
Stagemanager Introduction-MeetingStagemanager Introduction-Meeting26 December 2017 20:15:00120
Subtitles-EngelmeetingSubtitles-Engelmeeting27 December 2017 15:00:0030
“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty27 December 2017 16:00:00150
LehrerstammtischLehrerstammtisch - the teachers meeting27 December 2017 20:00:0060
Subtitles-EngelmeetingSubtitles-Engelmeeting27 December 2017 21:00:0030
Junghackertag WissenschaftsschnitzeljagdJunghackertag Wissenschaftsschnitzeljagd28 December 2017 11:00:0090
Subtitles-EngelmeetingSubtitles-Engelmeeting28 December 2017 13:00:0030
Gehen drei Wissenschaftler in eine KneipeGehen drei Wissenschaftler in eine Kneipe - “Plötzlich Wissen!”: Eine etwas andere Art der Wissenschaftskommunikation28 December 2017 14:00:0075
Geschichten aus dem KriegGeschichten aus dem Krieg28 December 2017 15:30:0060
HTML, CSS and a little bitHTML, CSS and a little bit28 December 2017 17:00:0060
Decentralized WebDecentralized Web28 December 2017 18:30:0060
Bridging messengers with Matrix.orgBridging messengers with Matrix.org28 December 2017 19:45:0045
All Creatures WelcomeAll Creatures Welcome - backer meeting and open discussion28 December 2017 20:30:0060
Faith in mathematics (Wondrous Mathematics)Faith in mathematics (Wondrous Mathematics)29 December 2017 11:30:0060
Binärgewitter HörertreffenBinärgewitter Hörertreffen29 December 2017 13:00:0060
Replicant Install FestReplicant Install Fest29 December 2017 14:00:00180
Intro to Qubes OSIntro to Qubes OS29 December 2017 17:00:0060
Microdosing Psychedelics:roundtable discussionMicrodosing Psychedelics:roundtable discussion29 December 2017 18:00:0090
Network hacks for smart attacksNetwork hacks for smart attacks29 December 2017 19:30:0090
Organising a CryptoParty, reports and experiences from the fieldOrganising a CryptoParty, reports and experiences from the field29 December 2017 21:00:0060
Computer Forensics introduction + Q&AComputer Forensics introduction + Q&A29 December 2017 23:59:00120
Einführung in BlockchainEinführung in Blockchain30 December 2017 11:30:0060
Inflationsphänomene und -probleme in MMORPGsInflationsphänomene und -probleme in MMORPGs30 December 2017 12:30:0030
DynDNS and DNS with DNSSEC, IPv6 and RESTful APIDynDNS and DNS with DNSSEC, IPv6 and RESTful API30 December 2017 13:00:0060
Sharding and Proof of Stake - Vlad ZamfirSharding and Proof of Stake - Vlad Zamfir30 December 2017 14:00:0030
“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty“How To Survice 34C3” CryptoParty30 December 2017 14:30:00150



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