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Chaoswelle +25m mobile antenna tower with a footprint of 25mx25m + cordoned security area = 50mx50m on the parking or between buildings with cable passage to assembly  +
CiderSecurity +Neural Networks, Software Defined Radios, Hacking of Smart Home protocols, Soldering  +
Cocktail-Bot +basic mixing of cocktails, substitution for missing ingredients, controlling raspberrypi  +
Computerwerk +We will present a type of "internet café".  +
Cryptocol +Distributed Privacy Guard, LibTMCG  +
Cryptoparty +cryptoparty  +
Curry Club Augsburg +Introduction to functional programming Meeting space for functional programmers  +
Cyberia Café & Club +TBD  +


Darkscience +See projects from "Things we bring". Other than regular power and network access we should not have any special requirements.  +
Deepcyber +The Verbal Morality Statue Enforcer 2000: (just think of this: )  +
Die offizielle Assembly +printing and trading stickers, crafting keychains  +
Digitalcourage e.V. +We will place around a forum ("open sofa") some political issues like video surveillance and analyses (surveillance sensorics), face recognitions, lichtbildausweis, button production, photo copies for free, throwing cameras on faces, talks and discussions (lightning talks), postcard campaign to force the general attorney to resume the criminal proceedings against the german government, rfid detector, a place for shopping etc.  +
Django +Django project, django-marcador tutorial  +
Dolphin Emulator +Dolphin Emulator  +
Doubleoctothorpbuero +Probably internet-of-cats enabled Winkekatzen, other stuff with ESP's, fixing a beamer (its tradition), librebootifying some old x200, playing with recycled dashboard-monitors from pollin  +


EE-eState-talks +We talk about everything the attendees will ask within the topic to the extent we are competent. If nothing asked, a standard generic oral presentation will be offered.  +
Electronic Frontier Foundation +Crypto activities (creating and using basic ciphers and decryption techniques) talks and sessions about Surveillance self-defense, student privacy, digital rights at the US border, international surveillance, and other topics. reading materials about our work and where to find out more information.  +
Elektroglitzer +Blinking stuff, Alexa Singing Fish Hack,Staubsaugroboter, 3D Printer  +
Elsterhack +get organisation of a hacker camp going, showing kids how to solder, make blinking equipment which reacts on sensoric input  +
Energy and Climate +  +
European CERTs and CSIRTs +Cyberfreedom from the oppressor(s) International Cooperation OpenSource Defense  +


FAU FabLab +- VisiCut open-source lasercutting software - exchange of ideas and knowledge between digital fabrication space (FabLab/Makerspace/...) operators  +
FOSSASIA +* Pocket Science Lab * AI * Open Event solution  +
Fabmobil +The fabmobil as a social project, results from workshops with kids and youths  +
Fachschaft MPI +pyJeopardy (our Hacker Jeopardy clone) Helfertool  +
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