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Bytewerk +arrival early on day 0  +


C-Hack +We plan to arrive on December 26th and build up on that day in the late afternoon  +
C3PB +2017-12-26  +
C6 +most people arrive on 26th December, build up would be then too  +
CCC-CH +26.12.2017  +
CCCFr +23.12 evening (perhaps earlier)  +
CCCWI +2017-12-26  +
CSOC +Most of us will arrive at day 0, we won't have much of a build as we don't have any large installations.  +
Calliope Assembly +27.12. / 14:00  +
Cccac +Day 0  +
Chaos Darmstadt +26.12.  +
Chaos West +26.12.  +
Chaos inKL. +On the 26th  +
ChaosConsulting +Wir werden zu dritt am 26. anreisen für den Aufbau.  +
ChaosZone +First hackers will be on site as of 16th December.  +
Chaosvermittlung +18.12.17  +
Chaoswelle +we are planning to arrive at 24th to build first antennas on the mobile tower between the halls or on the parking close to the hall. We need a cable passage from outside to our assembly (maybe close to a power distribution room?)  +
CiderSecurity +Arrival on 26.12 in the evening, complete build up on 27.12  +
Cocktail-Bot +evening of December, 26.  +
Computerwerk +Arrival and build up at December 26th.  +
Coreboot +26th December, 7 p.m.  +
Crypto Currencies +26.12.2017 + 27.12.2017 (No big installations)  +
Cryptocol +27th  +
Cryptoparty +Some of us will arrive at day 0 in the evening. Right now we do not know ehather we will bring a tent or a pavillon. We will bring sockets for power distribution. We definitely will need tables and chairs.  +
Curry Club Augsburg +26.  +
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