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When the 34C3 is over all found objects are moved to the CCC Hannover. You go there to search for your stuff or contact them via email <lost@c3cloc.de>. In case of contact via email please be patient as they will process your request not before the end of January. The team of volunteers needs to recover from the congress, the tear down and the aftermath, They will then sort through the boxes of found objects, prepare shipping and then start responding to email.


Found Thing/Human/Abstract Concept where when you can contact me at
Friends. Lots of them. Congress All through the event My user page


Lost Thing/Human/Abstract Concept where when you can contact me at
Sleep, my mind, fear. Congress All through the event My user page
red/white micro SD card (SanDisk) from smartphone with photos last seen on a table at Chaos West (Labor) during congress e7p or blafoo
Red Swiss Army knife at congress, not at heaven during first two days of congress user:anselm
Box full of network equipment, full list & pictures: [1] LOC temp space near entry to hall 4 Day 4, after teardown, between 7pm and 8pm vorstand ät agdsn dot de
IBM Thinkpad + black bag T60 with some labels on it, e.g. SHA2017, Foodhackingbase Jugendhackt Assembly, they gave it to the L&F team Day 4, after teardown dermicha ät dermicha punkt de
Black ONLY short blazer (size 36) Somewhere between Assembly:NoName and the glass hall (I think) Day 3, evening User:Xjs
Black (IBM?) laptop bag (has nametag inside) Around the Fernsehturm Day 3 User:Byteturtle
"IEEE BioCAS 2011" bag, containing
magnifying visor lenses x3, x5, x10,
Märklin 4617 box,
bubble wrap,
IC socket strips
somewhere at the Messe
(food place, Milliways, Heaven, Quiet room?)
after Day 2, evening User:Tatzelbrumm,
preferably email:
tatzelbrumm ät yahoo dotcom