List of Operations Centers

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The 34c3 has a number of -OCs.

Abbreviation Meaning Description alternative Names
NOC Network Operations Center Where the core switches and the fibers are.
BOC Beverage Operations Center Where the bottles are. Booze / Bar / Beer
LOC Logistics Operations Center Where the palletes are. Lager
POC Phone Operations Center Where the DECTs are.
GROC Something Pirates drink In the SCUMM bar.
FOC Fashion Operations Center T-Shirts and Merch
ROC Radio Operations Center For the handheld Radios and wireless communications.
SHOC Stagemanager and Heralds Operation Center Running the show, keeping it on time and everyone safe
GOC Gummibear Operations Center keeping Angels happy
VOC Video Operations Center producing the video stream and recordings
TOC Translations Operations Center creating live-translations of talks