List of Operations Centers

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The 34C3 has a number of institutions call -OCs or "Operation Centers". You can

Historically, the first one was the NOC which took care of the network. Then came the POC and others followed.

Abbreviation Meaning Description alternative Names
NOC Network Operations Center Takes care of the wired network and the WiFi
BOC Beverage Operations Center Makes sure that there is always enough drinks. Booze / Bar / Beer
LOC Logistics Operations Center Takes care of logistics. Lager
POC Phone Operations Center Takes care of operating the telephone network, e.g. DECT and PBXs
ROC Radio Operations Center For the handheld radios and wireless communications.
VOC Video Operations Center Produces the video stream and recordings


The following abbreviations are sometimes used (half-)jokingly referred to in conversations. Please don't use these.

Abbreviation Meaning Description alternative Names
FOC Fashion Operations Center T-Shirts and Merch
SHOC Stagemanager and Heralds Operation Center Running the show, keeping it on time and everyone safe
GOC Gummibear Operations Center keeping Angels happy
TOC Translations Operations Center creating live-translations of talks
TBD Hygiene advice crew ...? holds classes in (german) food/hygiene and drinking water Gelb
HOC Hair Operations Center Makes your hair beautiful
AdHoc Spontaneous Operations Center The department of fixing stuff Who you gonna call?
COC Charme Operations Center Conduct Oriented Coder's
Coming Out Cases
Challenge: Order Chaos