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Geheimorga-Suche (powered by yacy)

noch ein YaCy (File Suchinterface)



  • make people use secure connections whenever possible (SFTP >> FTPS >> FTP)
  • Use moar IPv6, here is your perfect playground
  • Use moar Bandwidth :-)

external lists

the list

description, upload wanted? IP legacy IP 34c3 only? :-( , other restrictions

Upload and Downloand; Movies, Music, Porn and everything ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1047:226:6cff:fef6:6e8c] Hörspiele mit Bitcointrojaner verseucht, slow af
Libgen (tech books and fiction) - -
A little bit of everything - looking for leaks and rare pepes Only one connection per IP
space - no porn - -
Only Download. Everything. https://[2001:67c:20a1:1035:2fd:45ff:fefd:89e4]:8081/media/ read only but BLADE RUNNER 2049 FHD
filebitch, only download, 10G ftp:// read only
Datenschleuder. Hörbücher😍 Pron😒 Everything🧜 ipv6 not working use FTP w/TLS(explicit)
darkscience. FTP, Everything. DL/UL/EN ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1019:85ce:1e26:60d5:788] -
incoming and outgoing sftp://sftp@ rsync:// no restrictions
Metalbox DL/UL http://[2001:67c:20a1:1176:202:c9ff:fe58:3fde] ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1176:202:c9ff:fe58:3fde] no restrictions
Sammelbox DL/UL ipv6 not working :( ftps:// restrictions 5 connections IP (SSD Storage)
currently just music ipv6 not working :( -
GMD German Movies Downloads http://[2001:67c:20a1:1016:6136:ebcd:7325:e140] 1G new NIC with new adress - coin miner
audiovisual content mostly german ipv6 not working :( 10G && alternativ http on both links
Gay porn (collection from 32C3, extended version) no ipv6 10G, read only (raid array currently rebuilding, 2h remaining)
Pornoschleuder (collection of and http://[2001:67c:20a1:1176::beef]/ ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1176::beef]/ 10G, read only
Datengrab (movies, music, p0rn) ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1176::dead] 10G
Vatican Embassy FTP: password dumps and OSes; feel free to upload anything (but movies/music only if in English); also look at for tools to analyze some passwor0rds dumps ipv6 not working :( 10 connections, (Please zip the text files!), English only
Movies, TV Shows, Anime, stuff ipv6 not working :( 1G, read only
🔥 Movies (en), TV Shows (en), Anime, pr0n, Music, some Games, lots of ROMs; 10Gbit, ~8TiB, feed the Incoming dir pls ipv6 br0ken occasional permissions errors
Stuff no ipv6 -
All the data no ipv6 up and download 10TB 10GigE
Zatura NAS no ipv6 10GigE GDrive over 60TB
kes no ipv6 ftp, fill me up, no porn pls. 1gb uplink, preloaded stuff only via http
dev no ipv6 fill me up only mp3,flac
Rusty old FTP share, but this is still the biggest collection of comics/graphic novels at congress. No porn, except in a few comics, sry. no ipv6 trololo http://warezxxxtkgbezhe.onion -

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