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  • make people use secure connections whenever possible (SFTP >> FTPS >> FTP)
  • Use moar IPv6, here is your perfect playground
  • Use moar Bandwidth :-)

external lists

the list

description, upload wanted? IP legacy IP 34c3 only? :-( , other restrictions

Upload and Downloand; Movies, Music, Porn and everything ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1047:226:6cff:fef6:6e8c] Hörspiele mit Bitcointrojaner verseucht, slow af
A little bit of everything - looking for leaks and rare pepes -
space - no porn - -
Only Download. Everything. https://[2001:67c:20a1:1035:2fd:45ff:fefd:89e4]:8081/media/ read only
filebitch, only download, 10G ftp:// read only
Datenschleuder. Hörbücher😍 Pron😒 DL/GER HD🧐 ftp:// (noch kein v6) use FTP w/TLS(explicit)
darkscience. FTP, Everything. DL/UL/EN ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1019:85ce:1e26:60d5:788] -
incoming and outgoing sftp://sftp@ rsync:// no restrictions

Direct Connect

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