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Description We are SCHINFO (Security Computer Hacking INFO), an international group with 8 members (from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Spain and UK), show WiFi- and USB-Security-Problems and present own hardware and software, based on Arduino, ESP32 and ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, to search for existing problems, detect and (maybe) solve it.

Our projects are Deauther + DeauthDetector / WiFi-Scanner + Sniffer / MalDuino / HackOx / lanGhost and some absolutly new tools, first shown at 34C3.

Members Deantonious, Froschi, HP, K4m4, Schinfo, Seytonic, Spacehuhn, Xdavidhu
Projects Deauther + DeauthDetector, HackOx, LanGhost, MalDuino, WiFi Satellite
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Related to Assembly Assembly:Backspace, Assembly:Fachschaft WIAI, Assembly:ICMP, Assembly:Nerd2Nerd
Tags hacking, hardware, security, wifi, arduino, esp32, esp8266, usb, franconia
Registered on
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes We planed some sessions every day (presentations) at our Assembly (two or three per day - with much interest also more).

If it is possible and we get a free date, we would also like to use a stage.

Orga contact
Brings We are a European group with 8 members (Nickname)

- schinfo - Germany - hp - Germany - froschi - Germany - spacehuhn - Germany - deantonious - Spain - k4m4 - Greece - Seytonic - Great Britain - xdavidhu - Hungary

We present our projects to every interest people and give some background informations about the HowTo. We also install our test-equipment (WiFi, LAN, etc.) and show, how it work. For example, everyone can connect to our Test-WLAN and will see, how easy it is, to disconnect any connection. We show our special hardware and software and the tools, to detect attacks by an easy way. Vistors can see AccessPoints, witch are protected against attacks and how it can be realiesed by the right firmware.

Projects Deauther, DeauthDetector, WiFi-Scanner, WiFi-Sniffer, MalDuino, HackOx and something absolutely new ;-)
Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
Extra Power no, only 220 V
Near passage yes its essential
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 4
Extra seats 8
Aread needed 30
Arrival and build up We arrive at 26th December in the early afternoon and install our infrastructure.

We bring 2 Paravants (Height x width: 178 x 178 cm and 178 x 82 cm), 1 Canvas (width: 120 cm) with own Beamers and many Hardware with own test-network for presentation. So we need 3 tables (the biggest one), if possible on the outside. We would like to put them as T or L with 4 chairs for ourself and 8 chairs for our visitors and for the sessions. For network connection, we need 1 GB wire - in copper !!!


WLAN in the 2.4 GHz range is completely insecure regarding sabotage attacks. With simple hardware and the corresponding software, almost every WLAN can be deactivated. We show you how to test your own WLAN, detect attacks and what protection options there are. In addition, we present various projects for USB and WiFi hacking. Let yourself be surprised ;-)

WLAN im 2.4 GHz-Bereich ist absolut unsicher, hinsichtlich Sabotage-Angriffen. Mit einfacher Hardware und der entsprechenden Software lässt sich fast jedes WLAN deaktivieren. Wir zeigen, wie man das eigene WLAN testen kann, Angriffe erkennt und welche Schutzmöglichkeiten es gibt. Zudem präsentieren wir diverse Projekte für USB- und WiFi-Hacking. Lasst Euch überraschen ;-)