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Contact Clemens Kurzenberg, Lisa Zinta, Lina Peine, Jannis Becker
Description We are a small group of physics students and graduates from Rostock and we are to talk to you about light, the universe and everything.

We will bring some live experiments, lots of equations and even more science!

Members Doxva, Kaminazuki, KiNaudiz, Kröte
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Self-organized Sessions A Solution To A Problem That Did Not Exist 50 Years Ago, Collapsing Cats Towards Infinity, Hilbertspace Theory – Music Theory's New Clothes, QRNG - More Random than Pinkie Pie, Schauvorlesung Physik
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Tags physics, science
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Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes Teaching science through theatre (Schauvorlesung)

A new take on music theory using Hilbert space

Orga contact
Brings Unfortunately, it is still under discussion what experiments we are allowed to bring with us. We would love to show you a variety from rolling bike chains, over glowing pickles to some larger experiments explaining conservation of angular momentum.
Projects Music theory from a physical and mathematical standpoint

A real random number generator, based on quantum noise

Uses money no money handling
Need fibre no
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Near passage whatever
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 2
Extra seats 8
Aread needed 9
Arrival and build up We will probably arrive on December 26th in the afternoon. We are still unsure whether we will be able to bring some larger experiments.


We are a small group of physics students and graduates from Rostock and we would love to share some of our knowledge and experience. All members of our group engage in a theatre group that teaches physics through plays. We will be happy to talk to anyone about any topic of interest, especially when it comes to quantum optics. And even if we will not operate a laser or handle with liquid nitrogen for safety reasons, we will bring some interesting live experiments for everyone to try out and discuss.