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Contact UK, Ijon, kristall
Description The hive is a assembly super-structure built from 11 honeycomb-like structures that house several smaller assemblies. It is built by c-base.
Members Ijon, JeZc, Riot, Smile
Projects Hackerfleet
Self-organized Sessions Hive Stage Introduction, Maritime Hackers
chaos competence center Cluster:The Hive
Related to Assembly Assembly:C-base
Tags fabrication, fablab, 3dprinting, hardware, lasercutters
Registered on
Provides stage yes
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Orga contact
Brings TV-tower replica, 288 wire cage boxes ("DB Gitterbox"), lighting, maybe a geodesic dome.
Projects the hive itself
Uses money yes we handle money
Need fibre yes its essential
Extra Power Yes, we need two "Drehstrom" connections. Since our superstructure consists of two parts we need one connection into the upper and one into the lower half of the hive. Please see the Hallenplan by Josh for details. We need one 125A and one 63A connection, because lightning and machines.
Near passage whatever
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 300
Extra seats 0
Aread needed 1100
Arrival and build up There will be three trucks bringing the pallet cages ("Gitterboxen") to congress. There will be a crew before X-mas setting them up. We don't know the exact details yet.



The hive is a supercluster of assemblies. It houses the c-base and other assemblies. More details to follow.