Small Business Tax

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As a dutiful resident in a country, no matter how much you earn money, you still have to pay tax, especially your income tax. However, if you are a small business owner, this can be a tricky task for you to manage your finance, whether it is your personal money management, or your business’; you still have to balance it. If you don’t manage it properly, your small business income would not give you any significant profit. Well, there is not any problem born without a solution in the world, so that’s why people in finance began to develop small business tax planning to help you alleviate your tax matters. However, aside from tax planning, there is another method called tax avoidance. What is tax avoidance? What is tax planning? What’s the difference? These questions might be in your mind if you plan on using some methods in order to reduce your tax. Don’t worry; this article was written to answer those questions, so that you know what to do before starting to plan your strategy.