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/dev/zero +FlappyBot - A Raspberry Pi plays FlappyBird with Servo-Touchpen and Camera Documentation: BalloonShooter - Detects and shoots ballons in 3m range automatically, balloon tracking with camera Documentation: and WLAN LED-Stripes Firework/ Gravity Balls NFCmusik  +


1Komona +- AllesAllen - Mensch Meier - Heart of Code - Spieleberatung - Nonstop Schwitzen / Radraum HH - Hedos - Siebdruckwerkstatt Gängeviertel - Spreepublic - Faksepolis Siebdruck / Medien (Basel) - Infoladen / Macuco e.V. (Wien) - Vazem e.V. (repolitisierung elektronischer Musik, Zürich) - Social Space Agency (Bern/Berlin/HH) - keine Knete trotzdem Fete (HH) - Ruplundby (temp. Dorfprojekt bei Husum) - Betty & Books (fem. Kollektiv Bologna) - There is no Game - Bootscommunity aus London - TALEnet (Softwareprojekt/kollaboratives p2p Netzwerk) - Commons Booking (Softwareprojekt/ Gemeingüterverwaltung) - Queerfem. Aktivist*innen QUEER SQUAD (Sofia) - Queerfem. Code Aktivist*innen (Vilnius) - Pappsatt - Freimeuter - Nerd Knowledge Playstation  +


34C3 CTF +34CC3C CTF  +
3D Printing Berlin +mobile printing station,3d printing chill out area, hanging out while informing about , or waiting for 3d printing to finish. some 3d modelling  +


Aaaaaaaaaaaa +model train @c3troc Vintage-Radio-Projekt Portrait-Kamera (analog, large format, on real film) le Kritzler  +
Anagrom Ataf +Art stuff, glowing stuff, board games, zines?  +
Anarchist +tbd  +
Anarchist Black Cross +tbd  +
Apertus +apertus° AXIOM Beta  +
Assembly +-big LED-screen -small BLDC-drive  +
Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF) +- Some DIY hardware stuff - We need some tables to put our equipment on, but nothing special  +
Aussenstelle511 +Blinky stuff/hoverboards  +


BSD +UNIX BSD Dragonfly BSD FreeBSD ... FreeNAS TrueOS ... NetBSD OpenBSD Illumos OpenIndiana SmartOS ...  +
Bastelbude +Message Torch,  +
Binary Security +- kernel fuzzing and bug hunting ( - software reverse engineering and exploitation - probabilistic program analysis - microcode reverse engineering (  +
Bogonauten +tbd  +
Bohnen in die Ohr'n +Alte Telefone umbauen um Sie per VOIP anzuschließen. LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, praktisch für Segelflug und Ultraleichtflug), Hardware und Software. Hörgeräte reverse engineeren  +


C-base +fernschimmeln  +
C4 +We will see  +
CCC-CH +Hardware Repair?  +
CCCFr +augmented reality sandbox code rad1o fun (maybe) 3d scan setup (planned) solderplace for youngsters for RGB LED Stars and DICES FPV rc Stuff  +
Calliope Assembly +Brokenlift, ECargoBikeTracker,  +
ChaosZone +Our shelter will be big wooden construction, which will be built on-site.  +
Chaosvermittlung +Chaosvermittlung, Field-DSL, Sidechannel  +
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