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/dev/zero +Light, LED Stripes, FlappyBot, LEGO Cannon (Project BalloonShooter) For the LEGO Cannon we need a 2mx3m "shooting area" in front of a wall or some kind of wall. We want to illuminate that wall. Can be near a passage, but there should be a wall or a less crowded space in which direction we can "shoot". We also need a wall to hang led stripes there with which we simulate balls on a roller coaster. --> we need wall(s)! 2m of wall for BaloonShooter + 3m of wall for led stripes. Can be different walls. Feel free to contact me at  +


34C3 CTF +Nothing  +
3D Printing Berlin +1 bollerwagen (mobile 3d-printing station, 2-3 other printers for 3d-printing services (free of charge) 2 Graffiti pop up tents (3d-printing berlin chill out area) lots of filament, tools . Two tables and like 10 qm would be nice.  +


AG DSN +Flight case with networking hardware (switches, servers, etc...).  +
ALLES +We bring lots of cool people, some of them at the congress for the first time ever!  +
Aaaaaaaaaaaa +model train @c3troc (ca. 1,80 x 3,00 Meter Tischfläche) Vintage-Radio-Projekt Portrait-Kamera (analog, large format, on real film) Cyberspülkasten (meks) Selbst balancierender Segway Sitz aka SeatBot  +
Amnesty International +Materials, banner  +
Anagrom Ataf +Some pavilions and other stuff to build a blanket fort. We'd love a quiet, bright space, we're using the assembly as a calm, safe retreat zone, where we could meet each other and recharge our batteries a bit.  +
Anarchist +tbd  +
Apertus +we will have our camera, a display and smaller stuff like flayers and stickers  +
Assembly +-soldering iron -some tools -electronic stuff -radios -HackRF -network equipment -small table (LackRack)  +
Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF) +- Banner and/or Flag - Soldering equipment and other technical stuff (e.g. Arduinos, LED stripes, ...)  +
Axoloti +Midi controllers, soldering station, electronics, headphones, pc speakers  +


Bastelbude +All sort of IoT, sensors, transmitters, receiver  +
Belgian Embassy +For our Belgian craving, waffle irons.  +
Bimseln +slushmachine 19 Zoll Server  +
Binary Security +- a hand full desktop computers  +
Bitcoin +- big Beamer as Main-Presenting Area for Sessions and Stiff - Audio-Box and Microphone - small LED-Beamer+RasberryPi for BitcoinRollercoasterGuy - small/crappy LED-Beamer + USB-Stick for Logo-Slideshow - 5-Port Switch + LAN-Cable for Table (just in case) - 2x AntMiner S5 (not for running attacks on testnet... or?) - 4x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B SBC for lightning network experiments  +
BlinkenArea +Lots of small electronics projects, soldering irons and other soldering accessories.  +
Bogonauten +tbd .. Switches and power supply, maybe Blinkenlights  +
Bohnen in die Ohr'n +Oszilloskop, Logic Analyser, LED lights, Lötkolben, Alte Telefone, SDR, Krater, Bastelverbruachsmaterial, Siemens P1, GSM-Tisch-Telefon, Feldfernsprecher FF54 (+ 100m/800m LFK), Hörgeräte, DECT-Hardware  +


C-Hack +We are still debating what exactly to bring, but thinking about a 3D-Printer and some other small stuff.  +
C-base +c-cretariat  +
C3S +Just a few small things to place on the table  +
C3po +a big postbox of some kind  +
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