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UPDATE: This year FrootVPN does NOT offer free congress-VPN anymore!

Subject: 33C3-VPN

From: Enrico Castro <support@frootvpn.com>


Sorry but we don't offer free trial anymore.


Keep yourself secure during the congress!

The internet (and congress) is a hostile place. Never underestimate the length malicious people may go through to obtain access to your data, sensitive or not.

A good way to avoid datatheft is using VPNs. Obviously the best VPN is the one you host and manage yourself but what if you dont have a box around?

Easy! Like every year since 2014 we at FrootVPN offer you a free congress-VPN!

How to apply? Just drop us an email at support@frootvpn.com containing the subject `33c3-VPN` (or similar).

All accounts will be valid from the point of request until the 31st Dec.