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If you are still looking for a ticket you can plead your case below and maybe find someone who has a spare one.
There are NO Tickets left for sale! This is purely for swapping spare tickets between people.

Please don't offer more for a Ticket than the owner payed so poor people too have a chance.

You didn't get a ticket but already booked a Hotel/Hostel? You may be interested in HotelExchange.

Attention: Ticket Fraud
Do not buy tickets from unknown sources. There have been multiple reports of fraud. Only buy from people you personally know and trust.

If you want to make sure that the original owner cannot access the ticket anymore, please contact the presale team from the original mail address. They will change the associated address and the link secret.

Ticket offers


Name Contact Amount Comment
Yuliy yuliy@sigaint.org 1 Just contact me.
Clubmate clubmaterad@gmail.com 1 Just contact me.
Just call me "André" 33c3@toozone.de 1 Okay, I have a ticket and have no clue who I should give it to.

If you have *the* special thing you do for the public or to offer me feel free to send me a mail and I would recommend to add this in your request down below on this page. And there are already some nice ideas. Examples: (selfmade) cake, playing a instrument, commiting as angel, cool project (e.g. I love podcasts), massages, CTF team, tour or even a nice linux job for 2017 (in hamburg/remote ;)). But, please, do not sacrifice your firstborn or even much of your time! Odds are against you, because there are so many people without a ticket!!!

(Deutsch/English possible)

(If you want to offer me more money, please donate it instead, I don't take it) (Ticket is a 120€ supporter ticket)

Ticket requests

DO NOT PLEAD MORE THAN THE OFFICIAL PRICES HERE! Please see https://events.ccc.de/2016/11/04/33c3-tickets-freier-verkauf-open-presale/ for prices and names of the tickets.

add yourself to the end (looking at you T0mmy, Thomas and APc01)
Name Contact Amount Plead
kevit root@kevit.info 1
herrlehmann benedikt@inventati.org 1
Chokri chokri@riseup.net 1+ Help Hackerspace Djerba founders attend such a great event.
elnappo elnappo@nerdpol.io 1 (CCC Member, Standard or Supporter Ticket)
Sugarray ccc@tauchkueken.de 1 (ccc Member or Standard)
JRACCC jrem4s@gmx.de 1 (Standard or Supporter Ticket)
phiL verax@posteo.de 1+ (any category)
larse larsg.@.systemli.org 2 (any category)
donkey hotei donkey_hotei@cryptolab.net 1 (any category)
apdent apdent@arcor.de 1 (non member)
macsnider macsnider@me.com 1 (Standard)
Oli defrostx@gmail.com 2 for my Wife and Children
Manu manu.australien@gmail.com 1
odonata ccc@3-1415.de 1-2
David mail@daviddias.me 2
rik deadaffe@gmail.com 1-2 (Standard, Supporter 120/140) Würde(n) wirklich gerne mal den Kongress sehen...
bacanol ccc@bacanol.de 1 (Standard, Supporter 120/140)
gramels 33c3@e-bu.de 1 (egal/ whatever) offer handmade swiss chocolate truffles and Drinks at the Radisson Bar (plus ticket price)
Diebold delusion@ccc.com 1 Offer to sacrifice firstborn for ticket
als TerribleOilySpoons@freenet.de 1 (non member/egal)
matzebrei Matze@matzebrei.org 1 (egal/ am besten Member)
fluepke mail@fluepke.de 1 (any)
m0e42 supamoe25@gmail.com 2 (STD / Sup / egal)
tuxflo flo.hennig@gmail.com 2
goocy gooocy@gmail.com 2 Was a speaker on 30c3, already booked a hotel. Helped with the EMdrive project at Hackerspace Aachen (not enough to get a voucher).
Steffen S-L-F@t-online.de 1 Es wäre der erste Kongress...
Manu manu.australien@gmail.com 1
odonata ccc@3-1415.de 1-2
Thomas w@tson.dk 1-2
David mail@daviddias.me 2
pepperspam pepperspam@gmail.com 1 (Standard) Letztes Jahr wurd' ich angefixt, dieses Jahr würd ich gern die ganze Zeit da sein. Gibt Getränke der Wahl als Dankeschön :-)
B3nS3n muelldreckundramsch@web.de 1  :)
esaias tomi.esaias@gmail.com 2 (standard) Looking for 2 tickets, coming from Helsinki, Finland, don't want to leave party members behind.


NICfly nic@biocrafting.net 1-2 (Standard, Supporter) Urlaub, Hotel und Fahrt ist schon gebucht, nur hat einem der Ticketshop zum Schluss wieder nen Streich gespielt. Da ich Lokführer bin, biete ich ne Führerstandsmitfahrt durchs Siegerland an :P
Markus marc.barry@gmx.net 1 (Standard, Supporter) 3xc3- ist Urlaub für den Kopf. 33c3 schon geplant gehabt-wie die letzten Jahre-dann kein Ticket :-((( - give a new hope?! Getränkespenden als Dankeschön
hbr 33c3@henning-brinkmann.de 1 (Standard or Supporter Ticket)
gemuesesuppe welz@win.tu-berlin.de 1 (standard or supporter (I really want to attend)) :D Hi, PARTEI-Member and cs-student, it would be my 1st time. You really would make me very, very happy!
onkeloki ccc*at*markoluft.de 2 EN: hey there i tried to get tickets for me and my trainees we participated last year, too. After a hard year in the media industry we need this 4 days in a asshole free area so please contect me via twitter @onkeloki or even by mail

DE: Tja.. was soll ich sagen? die ticket Lage kennt jeder der den weg ins wiki gefunden hat. Also das ding ist folgender meine Azubine und ich müssen einfach wieder zum Kongress. Wir arbeiten in der Medien Branche, das bedeutet: ohne die 4 Tage Erholung-urlaub in der "A***loch-freien Zone, wird es echt hard im nächsten Jahr...

Micky c3@rafardeon.de 2 (standard/supporter...whatever) Wären sooo gerne dabei. Gibt als Dankeschön Tickets für den ÖPNV in HH während des 33C3 und Mate, Vitamalz oder sonstiges lecker Gesöff, so viel du willst und vertragen kannst. :D
Julia [mailto: j.novik37@gmail.com] 1 up-and-coming ticket for my teen sister (under 18) . sie entwickelt gerade das Interesse am programmieren der ganzen online community und ihr würde es gefallen auch mal life gleichgesinnte zu treffen
HuckFinn huckfinn@tutanota.com 1 I guess almost all payment methods possible
optikfluffel optik@fluffel.io 2 I wanted my little brother to see the congress with me and feel that "finally! normal people" thingy we all love the congress for..
balubb mail@stelter.it 2 (Standard or Supporter) already booked hotel and flight. Hoped it would be another great congress. Will surely owe you something for a ticket!
Linus lg@cia.io 1 Kinderticket, bin 15 bin zu der Zeit bei meinem Vater in Hamburg, die letzten cccs war ich löten und checken, davon will ich mehr
artemisfo [1] Ein Standardticket oder Support
kri.gru krigru@yahoo.com 2 Bitte alles anbieten. Über faire Preise freue ich mich natürlich :)
Ulli uho@xlerb.de 1 Standard-Ticket Ich will unsere Assembly Forth eV Projekt Bitkanone auf dem Kongress unterstützen, hab aber kein Ticket bekommen (Platz 76 am Ende :-( / I would like to support our assembly Forth eV project Bitkanone at the congress, but didn't get a ticket (place 76 in the end :-(
no_Z [2] 2 2 Tickets, Standard or Supporter
Zytipen [3] 1 or 2 Civil rights activist, really would like to go to the Conference this year :-) . I'll make the most out of it, and bring you a T-shirt! Ready to pay fair price!
Zestyping [4] 1 Travelling a long way from Berkeley, California. I would love to join the Congress this year and want to volunteer if I can attend!
Modul mo_at_liberejo.de 1 Alles schon geplant und gebucht, jetzt ein Ticket zu wenig. Entweder fährt meine Freundin zum Congress oder ich. Hat jemand ein Herz (und ein Ticket) und ermöglicht uns den Congress zusammen zu besuchen?
shilong sozeucheben@quantentunnel.de 2 Hi, mein Kollege und ich hätten gern wieder das Vergnügen an dem geilsten Event des Jahres teilzunehmen. Falls also Irgendwer noch 2 Tickets übrig hat bitte melden.
frankie frank_schulze@gmx.de Twitter 1 Bin 3x leer ausgegangen im Presale. Bräuchte ein Ticket für mich, um meinen Sohn (8) auf den Congress mitzuschleppen. Nach einigem Anfixen im Braunschweiger CoderDojo, soll er jetzt die volle Dröhnung bekommen. Es muss auch mal einer an den Nachwuchs denken!
henrik edccc@g4i.de Twitter 1 (Standard) Würde gern meine Frau und meine Tochter mit auf den 33c3 nehmen und brauche dafür noch eine Karte. F1!
vickyjo ccc@vicky-jo.com Twitter 1 I was hoping to join friends this year (especially the Blackhoodie ladies) for my first CCC.
GHopper warnichtsmehrfrei@web.de 1 Hatte vor, einen Lightning Talk zu einem work in progress in Punkto ziviler Ungehorsam zu halten, absolut nicht damit gerechnet, an drei Terminen im Ticket-Shop zu unterliegen und würde mich daher über ernst gemeinte Angebote unter nebenstehender Adresse freuen.
moschlar moschlar+33c3@metalabs.de 1
Vincent m1cv9xolvkhnv7q@jetable.org 1 I can offer an accommodation in Hamburg not far from the congress :-)
Manuel nelo112@web.de 1 Our group of 6 is missing 1 ticket - we don't want to leave someone behind.
Konstantin Supergrobi.rockt@gmail.com Ki HH (talk) 14:26, 25 November 2016 (CET) Twitter/Ki_HH 1 I will gladly pay the same price you did, but I can offer free accommodation in Hamburg-Barmbek 25 Minutes from from the congress
mirirai ticket@cccgoe.de 1 I had trouble with the vouchers ticket from my friends from the cccgoe (which I noticed to late) and therefore I have no ticket yet. But I really would like to join them on the 33c3.
Balziere berndderbernde@googlemail.com 1  ;_;
Lennart lray@mailbox.org 1-2 As flying in from Seattle for this event (visiting parents in law), I can offer a original Starbucks-Cup from the first Starbucks ever on top of the ticket price. (or anything lightweight, typical from that region the TSA would allow on board ;-) )
Daniel 427X@gmx.de 1 Ich verfolge den Congress schon ein paar Jahre, hatte allerdings bisher nicht die Möglichkeit daran teil zu nehmen. Nun wollte ich dem Alltag entgehen und mich in Gesellschaft intelligenter Menschen begeben.
Michael 33c3.ticket.for.migiii@gmail.com 1 Ich würde mich sehr über ein Ticketangebot freuen! Ewiger Dank und Mate/Bier auf dem Congress sei einem edlen Spender sicher.
Labara fliegende-fische@gmx.de 1 Standard or Supporter Hi wäre seeehr gerne dabei und würde mich unglaublich freuen, wenn jemand ein Herz für Verpeiler hat noch ein Ticket an mich verkaufen würde. Als dank würde ich dich in mein liebstes persisches Restaurant in Hamburg einladen.
Angela moonlock@riseup.net 1 Already booked a flight and hotel for myself and two friends, but was only able to get two tickets. I will gladly pay the same price you did, and buy you a beer or Club Mate at congress.
Konrad lilapunkt@posteo.de 2 Standard or Supporter I'm still looking for 2 tickets. I had no luck at the three pre-sales. I would honor you with a very delicious cake! :)
Max mgrossgebauer@posteo.de 2 Standard or Supporter We are looking for two Tickets. Unfortunately we didn't have any luck at the three pre-sales. Could additionaly offer two places in the car with us from Frankfurt Main to Hamburg and back. Could also pick you up along the way or at Frankfurt Airport.
Zach zpritcha@mix.wvu.edu 1 Business ticket I've gone to security conferences (Blackhat, DEFCON) for my entire career, and I'm now interested in seeing what 33C3 is like across the pond. I booked my flight months ago, was awake at 11am PST for the first sale, 6am PST for the second, and 1am for the third and still didn't manage to get a ticket.
Nuri nuri@khadem.de 1 Standard or Up and Coming I couldn't get an Up and Coming Ticket for my daughter (14 y.). A friend was so nice as to get a ticket for me, but I didn't have any luck for her ticket. I can't send her there alone, but I don't have the heart to come without her. She really is interested and it would be a shame if she should miss the opportunity (hotel and train-tickets are bought already - She will come along anyway I suppose). We will of course in turn angel a bit ^_^

We will come to Hamburg anyway, so if You have an extra ticket at the congress itself, we will pick it up there - on day 0+x as well. We will only pay the regular fare.

r0d3nt r0d3nt@gmail.com 2 Standard or Corporate Offering to Engle/Angel/Herald, Need at least 1 ticket for myself, and battle buddy. Already have flights and hotel, but no tickets for me and friend. 1 ticket will be good, 2 would be ideal, , will pay corporate if those funds somehow get to the CCCongress organizers.
Ungeschneuer marcel@ungeschneuer.de 1 Standard or Supporter Ticket I would like to work as an angel again after I was unavailable last year (would be my second congress). I'm a student and this would be paid with my savings, so I can't really give you much more than my gratitude and one or two beer.
CalgaryConehead john.e.jardine@gmail.com 1 Standard or Supporter ticket Flights & hotel booked but couldn't get a ticket after three sales. Looking for 1 ticket. Will register lightening talk if I can get a ticket.
Core thagor@gmx.net 3 Standard ticket Leider auch im dritten Anlauf kein Glück beim Ticketkauf. Vielleicht ist der Frust ja unnötig und es finden sich noch ein paar Tickets.
csjunker csjunker@csjunker.dk 4 ticket any category Hotels and all booked. But no luck in getting tickets :-)
Uwe Hermann uwe@hermann-uwe.de 1-2 (CCC member, Standard or Supporter 120 ticket) Would be great if someone could sell 1-2 tickets to allow us to do the annual sigrok assembly + developer/user meetup (OSS logic analyzer and other measurement device software). Train and hotel already booked...
shaolinbird 010110@gmx.com 1 Standard or Supporter I have attended since 2010 and already booked my plane + hotel
Jacopo Notarstefano jacopo.notarstefano@gmail.com 1
zufallsfund zufallsfund@mailbox.org 1 (Standard or Supporter) Would only pay the original price, but am gladly willing to offer a personal guided tour around the German Space Operations Center if you are in Munich :)
karolherbst karolherbst@protonmail.com 1 (Standard or Supporter) Time is not an issue, even one hour before congress start would be fine, live near Hamburg. Wanted create an Assembly about the Open Source Nvidia driver called "Nouveau", also first congress ever
ER tcigdukv@gmail.com 1 Standard or Supporter Already booked my plane + hotel.
Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni ric@getmonero.org 1+ Happy to payin Bitcoin, Monero, PayPal, whatever:) Two tickets would be ideal, else I'm happy to be the only representative of The Monero Project and the Kovri i2p router. Thanks!
Jurma jurma@mailbox.org 1 Time is not an issue, even one hour before congress start would be fine.
DutchyNL blackrosekarin@mailbox.com 4 Omg, where did all the tickets go?..looking for a kind soul to help out some friends who already booked hotel and plane tickets. Many Thanks!
Gldhchn florian.hahn@posteo.de 1+ (Standard or Supporter) Would love to get a ticket. I will pay the original price + can drink a Mate or a Beer with you. You can email me with PGP Key if you want to. public key 0x2dc87f73 fingerprint 4974 8A96 FF7C 7D59 8276 E3FF 731C 6304 2DC8 7F73
Miki mikimotoh@gmail.com 1 Business ticket I've been to DEFCON, BlackHat before, and I'm interested by 33C3. My flight to Hamburg is already booked a month ago. Unfortunately, I can not buy the ticket from the website successfully.
Gerhard gradnigg@gmail.com 4 Standard oder Supporter Meine Freunde und ich haben uns schon ziemlich darauf gefreut und sind jetzt ziemlich enttäuscht. Kommen aus Wien, Flug & Hotel sind bereits (teuer..) gebucht, haben aber leider keine Tickets bekommen... Wer uns aushelfen kann, ist ein Held.
Ferada olof@macrolet.net 1 Wanted to go with friends, but three times no luck getting one, perhaps now?
Arne gl107cyqghm@temp.mailbox.org 1 Standard or Supporter Ticket If you can spare a ticket, I will happily take it. I will pay the original price and buy you a drink if you are interested. I live in Hamburg so you can ask me anything as well :-D
Jonas 01cder [at] googlemail.com 1 (CCC Member, Standard, Supporter ticket) EN: I wanted to go to the Congress with a friend. He got a ticket, i wasn't fast enough. DE: Ich wollte mit nem Kumpel auf zum Kongress gehen, aber leider hat nur er ein Ticket bekommen und ich war nicht schnell genug.
Alex alexandra.leo [at] gmx.at 2 standard ticket me and a friend would really like to go, we never went and would be really interested.
Pierre pierre.depaz@gmail.com 2 standard ticket / possibly 1 business ticket Looking for one regular ticket, and one business supporter ticket. Email-me for any details!
Pascual scontactx@yahoo.es 1 standard or supporter First time trying to attend a CCC congress; I've heard so many good things about it ...
Core thagor@gmx.net 2 Standardtickets Bitte nur im Sinne des Kongresses ernst gemeinte Angebote. Wer mit den Tickets Profit machen möchte, ist hier falsch.
T0mmy tomturbo3@gmx.de 2 Germany, all payment methods possible
Thomas w@tson.dk 1-2
APc01 apnet@gmx.li 2 Hamburg, Berlin or Kiel-based F2F-transfer possible
Adam B aburan28@gmail.com 1 Already booked flight, hotel and trying to attend for the first time.
Aaron aaron.p.lukas@gmail.com 1 This is the only holiday I want each year!
Jan gubator@gmail.com 1-2 Very sad that i dont have a ticket, tried at every presale phase, did not had the luck. Was at the congress every year since 2012, was an angel in the year 2013, planned to come this year too. Looking for a friend and for me. Thanks for thinking about it.
Dennis d.himstedt@web.de 1-2 I tried every phase but had no luck.
Smirk princepantheon@gmx.de 1 Dear Friendlyperson, please make it work for me, too! I will bring all my curiousity and a shitload of smiles, starting with this one :~)
carlo calomagno@roatta.org 1 Desperate looking for a ticket. I need to partecipate to complete my research for a thesis work. Grateful for any offer.
Denise brueser@gmx.de 1 (member, standard, supporter) tried in three phases, hotel and train booked months ago... I need go to the real world for 4 days! :-) thanks a lot for any offer
fellmoon fellmoon@0xdystopia.org 2 (standard), can offer couchespace during congress in addition to the tickets. I wanted to give those tickets as a birthday present to two close friends, who couldn't make it to congress for 4 years, tried in in all three phases, 3x bad luck.
mkzx mkz@coding.allowed.org 1 (standard) Going from Eastern Europe, already booked flight, money is tight but I am willing to pay for standard ticket and offer 1L of vodka and 5 items of canned lard as present.
nonce nonce@gmx.net 1 or 2 (any type) Going from Delft, Holland willing to share on: router hacking, openwrt, FPGA, Gentoo, kernel hacking and financial engineering (trader bots).
ThYpHoOn thyphoon@5on5.org 1 (CCC Member, normal) IOT hacking, hardware hacking, CTF, been to the last 7 congresses but no luck this year, so far :(
Thill jan.rathmer@gmail.com 1 (CCC Member, normal) First time CCC, I would like to learn something new ;)
anthaeus@gmail.com anthaeus@gmail.com 1
Printf getdlgitemtextw@gmail.com 2 (Any type, including business) Love the CTF
stiro axl99@gmx.net 1-2 (Any type) We are a group of 4, but only got 2 tickets, flight and hotel are already booked
pat2 pat2@posteo.net 1-2 (Member, Standard, Supporter)
ap ap@potthoff-helm.de 1 (Member, Standard)
retroactive malte@sandbox-interactive.com 1 (Standard or Supporter Ticket) You're sure as hell not a coder. You are a butcher, and that's all you're ever gonna be!
andi s-tuqahuhisure@vf.uni-konstanz.de 1 (Member, Standard or Supporter Ticket) Last Congress was my first, and i really would love to establish a tradition of attending...
worenga mightuhu@php.net 1 Standard or Supporter Ticket I love the congress and had no luck on the presale :(
DaBeave dabeave@gmail.com 1 -2 (Any Type) Hello! Already have the plane tickets & hotel setup in Hamburg for my family. I'm just lacking the 33c3 ticket! Will be in Hamburg either way but had intended to go to 33c3. Would still love too.
Michael_W wachholz.m@web.de 2 (Standard or Supporter Ticket) Das wäre der erste Kongress für mich und meinen Sohn. Wir fänden es großartig, wenn wir noch Karten bekämen. This would be the first congress for my and my son. We would love to enjoy it together.
alca vice.and.virtue@web.de 2 (Standard or Supporter Ticket) My friend and me would love to visit the congress! We've been the last two years and we would be incredibly happy to have the chance to go again :)
rocco hh22525@web.de 1 Standard / Supporter, 1 Up and Coming Wanted to attend with my 14 year old daughter this year - got caught by the early ticket sales cycle 8-(
Marvin 33c3-tickets@marvinbaral.de 2x Standard, 1x Up-And-Coming We are three young software developers (16-19 years) and have two cool projects we will show off on 33c3 if we get tickets:

1.FlappyBot - Automated FlappyBird with camera and servo-controlled touchpen

2.AirballonShooter - A servocontrolled LEGO-Cannon whith camera detection and automatic shooting of red airbaloons.

becker beck@tuta.io 1 Standard / Supporter Es wäre mein erster Kongress und ich könnte anbieten als Engel zu arbeiten.
hayden hayden@hkparker.com 2 Standard / Supporter We are roommates from San Francisco traveling Europe together for the first time. Long time defcon attendee, would love to be a part of CCC but was at the end of the queue. Flights/hotel booked.
Wynton wynton.tietjen@googlemail.com 1 Standard / Supporter Nach 3 Versuchen leider kein Glück gehabt. Meine Assemblie ist vollständig, außer ich! :(
Jekkos jeroen.peelaerts@googlemail.com 1 Standard / Supporter Already booked hotel + holiday.. Willing to pay a bit more if needed. Contact me and we'll sort it out.
st0ne einstein@st0ne.net 2
Bsd tstipv6(a t ) gmail.com 1 Supporter/Standard I attended CCC since 27C3 but the ticket shop sent me from the que to a 500 internal server error every time (also whoever got their bot to take the 427,724 waiting line spots in front of me: not funny) I hauled trash at HAR, Build tents at Camp. The ticket shop helpfully suggested at one point that yes there was an error but I should just complain on twitter... I dont really do social media so this is the one place where I can beg for a ticket. If you have a ticket to spare please considder sharing. Thank you for even reading this far down.
mzima 33c3@gmx.de 2x (CCC Member/Standard/Supporter)
evasar eva.sarafianou@gmail.com 1 (Standard/Supporter)
Tetrix 33c3@ixpa.de 1-3 (Standard, Supporter 120/140) Me and my group used to visit the CCC since 31c3 and once were on 28c3. This year only parts of us got tickets through angel vouchers. The rest could not get a ticket through shop as our toster bought too many and is not sharing with us. But we would like to go as the whole group as we used to be. we would like to thank you in advance, and invite you to a mate .
pockectcrocodile mailme 1 (Standard/Supporter) A Ticket to the congress would be nice and reason for being in hamburg. in this case i will offer an couchsurfing place.
whatever jsweb@posteo.at 1 Standard / Supporter Actually I'm new here. But I would LOVE to go to the congress! Also as an angel! :)
xxc3 xxc3@online.de 1 + 1 up and coming for my son Running several Tor exit relays -like to meet other supporter of the Onion routing for discussion
wilkis marvinw@posteo.de 1 Standard / Supporter This year I would going to my first congress as angel. Maybe as angel for food or as jumper.
ZZEPPOSS zzepposs@gmail.com 1 Standard / Supporter Looking for a ticket since that would save my family from a horrible massacre... They simply can't stand me hanging around at xmas... Pls help!!! Save them with that #33c3 ticket!! =;))) Actually this would be my first conference to miss — after a series that started in Berlin 7/8..? yrs ago… PS. Am as well willing to top that fine drink at the 'unbezahlbar'!!!
kuglepen [5] Whatever possible You have the choice: In exchange for a ticket, you can choose between: 1) a beautiful painting, made by myself, up to 1,5*1,5m big, with an image of your own choice, OR 2) Since I will be a Herald at the event, you can choose what I wear when on stage. I mean it.
rey mail 1-2 standard or 1 member + perhaps 1 standard Can offer couchsurfing for the whole congress for up to 4 people; will pay normal ticket price but will further support the congress - congress dino; not active in any Erfa at the moment because of science, thus no voucher; associated with Waldeck Freakquenz and Awesome Retro
aunwin mail 1 ticket I offer handmade earrings/ keyrings from spare electronic parts I made, a nuts cake that I would bringt to congress for you, my commitment as an angel, a lift from Leipzig to the Congress on 26th.12.2017 and of course the money you paid for the ticket.