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Geheimkamera Workshop +Geheimkamera  +
Gemeinnuetzigkeit +Freifunk  +
Gettogether Radio Lockdown +Freifunk  +


Hackbases 5 years +CHT / Totalism Hackbase  +, Hackbases  +
Hacker workflows +CHT / Totalism Hackbase  +
Hacking Tomu and 2FA +Tomu  +
How to integrate pEp into your development environment +PEp -- pretty Easy privacy  +


Introduction to LEAP encryption access project and Pixelated +LEAP  +, Pixelated  +


LEAP Platform for vpn + LEAP and Pixelated platform for email providers +LEAP  +, Pixelated  +
LEAP/Bitmask Hand-on Workshop +LEAP  +
Line-of-sight visualizer +Freifunk  +
LoRaWAN–Freifunk der Dinge +LoRaWAN hacking and more  +


Maritime Hackers +Hackerfleet  +
Meine erste IFG-Anfrage +FragDenStaat  +


Ninux - an italian wireless community +Freifunk  +
Nootropics +CHT / Totalism Hackbase  +


PEp KeySync +PEp -- pretty Easy privacy  +
PEp User Interface Design +PEp -- pretty Easy privacy  +
PEp for Java Script +PEp -- pretty Easy privacy  +
PEp tech troubleshooting, e.g. Android and IMAP problems +PEp -- pretty Easy privacy  +
Pcb milling with the othermill +HardwareExchange  +
Pixelated hands-on +Pixelated  +, LEAP  +
PoParty +PoPCoin  +


Radio Lockdown Directive: coordinating future steps +Freifunk  +
Radio Lockdown: Community WiFis unite! +Freifunk  +, Freifunk für Flüchtlinge  +
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