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Description OSINT stands for Open Source INTelligence which is about mining, analyzation and visualization (and thus making use of) freely available data from the internet.
Has website tbd
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Tags python, open source intelligence
Located at assembly Luxeria
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The amount and importance of social networks and alike web services has rapidly grown in the past, and with it the amount of data people feed into it. And it's amazingly easy to have fun with this exact data! Here's how:

  • A lot of those web services provide free and easy to use APIs: Twitter and Facebook are excellent candidates
  • There are already many existing free and open source technologies to process such data: Think of natural language processing and some machine learning
  • Last but not least you need to store and visualize your results somewhere: Google maps for instance

We put these things all together and will show some cool real-time visualizations at our assembly, and of course you can try it out yourself. There might also be a demo web applicaiton you can play with.