Die "LAZ0R" Banden CATS

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Description We are the first comoona to exist. We are a fusion of Die Bande and "LAZ0R" CATS.
Has website
Persons working on
Tags Comoona, No Game, Thereisnogame, Die Bande, "LAZ0R" CATS
Located at assembly Freifunk
Other projects...



We are a fusion of Die Bande and "LAZ0R" CATS.


Name Skill Contact Bunch Comment
Douglas care DECT 3923
Jens #1 communicate
Jana translate
Ertan mediate
Philippe translate DECT 7529
Markus focus DECT 3346
Claudia organise 7163
Geno analyse 3911 / 3292
Oliver invent 5621
Jens #2 pioneer Knows Elymas