Hackerspace in a graphic novel

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Description Hacker movement in popculture has been reduced to black-hat cliches and even technologically plausible representations like Mr Robot fail to draw its complexities. I'd like to change that with my next project: an online graphic novel featuring a realistic hackerspace community, showcasing people with different and varied approaches to hacking. Any feedback and sources are welcome!
Slides https://alxd.org/slides/hackerspace-in-a-graphic-novel.pdf
Website(s) http://glider.ink/
Tags culture, hackerspaces, webcomic, comic
Person organizing Alxd
Contact: alxd@alxd.org
Language en - English
en - English
Duration 5
Desired session Day 2
Desired timeframe begin


I would be very grateful for setting this talk as soon as possible, as I'd like to invite audience to a self-organized session discussing possible portrayal of the hacker movement afterwards.