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Hackers seek Space

  • ~12042+ Hackers searching new location for 34c3. Sufficient bandwidth required!

Hardware seeks Hacker

  • Hi there i have a Mondeo MK 4 Backlight with some failure in the LED area of the Backlight. Maybe somebody has experience with finding failures, support finding or even support fixing this. please report at Christoper (dot) Freifunk (dot) wrg (at) gmail (dot) com the i can bring the lamp up to congress
  • 2 Zipit Z2 wireless messengers for sale, brand new in unopened packages. contact Yuvadm prior to 33c3 for purchase details.
  • 1 used Fujitsu Primergy RX200 S5 (2x XQC E5540 - 2.53GHz, 12GB, 2x 146GB 2,5" SAS) is looking for a new home after the congress. For purchasing information just talk to Kime.
  • 1 simcard for the GSM (I use DECT this congress). Contact Nerduser83
  • 1 simcard for the GSM (I have a second for myself). Contact Bodems
  • BORROW ONLY: I'll bring a Nintendo GameBoy cartridge bit (to open your Nintendo gameboy cartridges non-destructively). Contact DECT 6228 (Troll) if you need to open a GB module during congress.
  • danrl's yearly happy hacker holiday gifts includes wifi pineapples, rad10, mobile phone, switch, access point, antennas and more. Contact danrl
  • few Gigaset A2 DECT phones - simple and properly working with eventphone network on last year congress. Contact dfgg

Hacker seeks Webdesigner

  • Hi there. I am fully aware that the Congress is no recruiting event but you may know me from the 30C3 closing events first minutes. So I guess it's fine to bother you with some probably commercial idea. For a new project I'm currently working on I would need an experienced webdesigner. Would be fine, if we could talk about a mockup on congress and some details, maybe you're willed to start on this during congress. Would be some kind of long time job. Speaking German & English. Willing to pay fair for a nice design. -Just drop me an email to:

Hacker seeks Hardware

  • I'm on the search for a not too expensive DECT recommendation or lended device for 33c3 that is known too work, since my DECT is notorously incompatible with the Congress network. --fengor
  • I'm searching for a conference laptop. Something like a asus eeepc, used and below 40€. Would be great if you have an old one to give away. --sucaml
  • I'm searching for Track Point / Pointing Stick caps for Dell Notebooks fabricated after 2014. Call: 8855 --gom
  • My desktop PC really needs an update and I'd like to talk to someone who knows about gaming hardware as well as Linux. --sirenensang
  • I'm looking for an keyboard for the Lenovo T450s with backlight. Preferable with german layout (Lenovo Product ID: FRU-01AX322). Call: 7997 (DECT) --metalgamer
  • Looking for hardware for fast Tor and/or I2P relays. Preferably with AES-NI and >=512 MB RAM. Got lots of bandwidth. --Zwiebel

Hackers seek hackers in their region

  • If anybody is interested in founding a Chaostreff in Burghausen or surroundings, please drop a note on my talk page. --Reini (talk) 11:36, 28 November 2016 (UTC)
  • And the same for Bayreuth and my talk page :) --Apo (talk) 22:22, 15 December 2016 (CET)

Hacker seeks T-Shirt

  • I have an Angels Tshirt from last year ("Gated Communities") in Size L (Large) which is way to small for me (it was from the beginning, so it has never been used). I would be happy to find somebody with the same one in XL, who would like to exchange. Sounds hard to find, so I would also switch with any past Congress-Shirt. Call 6695