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Hackers providing Service

  • Need a binary decompiled? - call 8111 --Itsme
  • Want someone to break your [web|mobile]app? call 7159 or XMPP Ptr (talk)
  • I do web design as a hobby. Here's my site. If you contribute to an open source project that might need a new website, email db0company at gmail dot com or DM @db0company on Twitter

Hackers seek Space

  • ~12042+ Hackers searching new location for 34c3. Sufficient bandwidth required!
    • ICC would be empty again then…
    • how about vienna? the ACV should be big enough :)

Hardware seeks Hacker

  • sell or borrow an pt2272 with radio to switch on and of any things DECT5768
  • Hardware to go. RAM’s, Fan’s, Copper Heatsinks at shackspace Hall H (hackcenter). Follow the colorfull blowball.
  • eXANTO Payphone seeks Hacker to hack at Warsaw Hackerspace assembly. Dump flash and reverse engineer? MitM connection to central control? Your call!
  • Hi there i have a Mondeo MK 4 Backlight with some failure in the LED area of the Backlight. Maybe somebody has experience with finding failures, support finding or even support fixing this. please report at Christoper (dot) Freifunk (dot) wrg (at) gmail (dot) com the i can bring the lamp up to congress
  • 2 Zipit Z2 wireless messengers for sale, brand new in unopened packages. contact Yuvadm prior to 33c3 for purchase details.
  • 1 used Fujitsu Primergy RX200 S5 (2x XQC E5540 - 2.53GHz, 12GB, 2x 146GB 2,5" SAS) is looking for a new home after the congress. For purchasing ineformation just talk to Kime.
  • selling ThinkPad T430 i5 2.6 GHz 8GB RAM 128 GB SSD for 230€. selling docking station for T430 and another for x220/x220t, too. Plus several chargers. Contact Jabber
  • ThinkPad x230 Parts and L530 Parts and more. Details here.
  • 1 simcard for the GSM (I use DECT this congress). Contact Nerduser83 gone
  • 1 simcard for the GSM (I have a second for myself). Contact Bodems already gone
  • BORROW ONLY: I'll bring a Nintendo GameBoy cartridge bit (to open your Nintendo gameboy cartridges non-destructively). Contact DECT 6228 (Troll) if you need to open a GB module during congress.
  • danrl's yearly happy hacker holiday gifts includes wifi pineapple, iPad stuff, rad10, mobile phone, switch, 11ac access point, antennas and more. Contact danrl
  • few Gigaset A2 DECT phones - simple and properly working with eventphone network on last year congress. Contact dfgg
  • like to get help on UEFI boot repair on Lenovo S205 Ubuntu 16.04 installed - not booting Contact Xxc3
  • 2 x C.H.I.P singleboard computer. Contact NeoFromMatrix
  • TP-Link Archer C20i. Contact NeoFromMatrix
  • FTDI 2232H Mini Module. Contact NeoFromMatrix
  • MySmartUSB MK2. Contact NeoFromMatrix
  • x ST-Link Clones (no enclosure, blackmagic probe firmware probably). Contact NeoFromMatrix
  • Giving away 6x 2GB 240Pin DDR3L low-power 1600MHz unbuffered ECC DIMM, contact MrMonster or someone in the assembly.
  • Selling my GameBoy Micro with a japanese Super Mario World 2 cartridge, the original power adapter and a hand-sewn leather pouch. Contact Wasamasa at The (un)employed schemers & lispers guild
  • Selling Keymatic with remote - blackspear
  • Selling wooden ePipe with accessories - blackspear
  • Selling Sphereo BB-8 with loading dock - blackspear
  • Give ThinkPad keyboard for free. Parts No. 0C44982. US-Layout. - Call 4214 - m0nky
  • The CCC-CH assembly has a box with free hardware (electronic components, USB A-B cables, switches, other random stuff)
  • TP-LINK WR740N v4 (OpenWRT fw) and Mikrotik Routerboard 433(lv4)+TLWN660G wificard is looking for new home . Contact dfgg at 2137
  • RAM for server available 2x 16GB DDR3 REG ECC MT36KSF2G72PZ-1G6E1FF Grimmel (talk)
  • Broken rad1o, probably soldering project, contact: Dokterbob
  • Selling FIRsensor IR-BLue DM Bluetooth thermal imaging device for smartphone with Android and Iphone app (till DECT: 8455)
  • LTE module from my Thinkpad: Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7345 Model: G12Z024.05 Lenovo PN: SW10A1150 to sell for 70€ (MM DECT: 4026)

Hacker seeks Webdesigner

  • Hi there. I am fully aware that the Congress is no recruiting event but you may know me from the 30C3 closing events first minutes. So I guess it's fine to bother you with some probably commercial idea. For a new project I'm currently working on I would need an experienced webdesigner. Would be fine, if we could talk about a mockup on congress and some details, maybe you're willed to start on this during congress. Would be some kind of long time job. Speaking German & English. Willing to pay fair for a nice design. -Just drop me an email to:

Hacker seeks Hardware

  • Looking for a micro usb cable to charge my headphones. Happy to pay a few euro. --Pita (talk) 13:43, 29 December 2016 (CET)
    • I have retractable Micro and Mini USB cables. DECT 2082 or come to BlinkenArea. --Arne (talk) 14:29, 29 December 2016 (CET)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Keyboard **US/International** Layout. I give you cash or trade-in (have UK-English if you are interested). danrl
  • Seeking a single module 8GB PC3-12800S 1600Mhz RAM for my X230 --spriver
  • Looking for a 12pin Hirose plug to hack an industrial camera. --Shu (talk)
  • qspf+ Rthernet oder LWL-Transceiver. has a 40G Network card and can't use it :-( --twix
  • MSP430 14-pin JTAG programmer or an MSP430 Launchpad. Please call 2524, I need it. :)
  • I am looking for a screen (or even better, a beamer!) and a USB keyboard to set up my HTC Vive for VR shennaningans --X41
  • LED Ceiling Lamp Project Seeks MAX485 or similar DMX driver IC (preferably DIP). Contact DECT 5768
  • I'm on the search for a not too expensive DECT recommendation or lended device for 33c3 that is known too work, since my DECT is notorously incompatible with the Congress network. --fengor contacted --ferret
  • I'm searching for a conference laptop. Something like a asus eeepc, used and below 40€. Would be great if you have an old one to give away. --sucaml
  • I'm searching for Track Point / Pointing Stick caps for Dell Notebooks fabricated after 2014. Call: 8855 --gom
  • My desktop PC really needs an update and I'd like to talk to someone who knows about gaming hardware as well as Linux. --sirenensang
  • ...and since i forgot: If someone could lend me an energy cell for eeePC 1016 (that runs longer than an hour...), that would be awesome! --sirenensang
  • I'm looking for an keyboard for the Lenovo T450s with backlight. Preferable with german layout (Lenovo Product ID: FRU-01AX322). Call: 7997 (DECT) --metalgamer
  • Looking for hardware for fast Tor and/or I2P relays. Preferably with AES-NI and >=512 MB RAM. Got lots of bandwidth. --Zwiebel
  • Looking for battery (9 cell preferred) and 1600x900 screen (no AOU, thanks) in good condition for my ThinkPad T420. Also *20 series ThinkPad HW in general. -- vista
  • Looking for a 16MB RAM module for my Texas Instruments Travelmate 4000 or a complete Texas Instruments Travelmate 4000(m) :) --


    • for cache modules and tag ram for my PCD-4H (ISA/VLB) in any size --wynton
  • Looking for a SIM module for my Galaxy S4 (i9505). I've ordered one, but it'll only arrive on the 29th. --Apo (talk) 12:21, 26 December 2016 (CET)
  • Looking for a SIM card (preferably mini SIM, but will take other, too). Call DECT 8997 (reachable from day 0 in the evening) or Threema TDN4W7DB. --batteur
  • Looking for a SIM card. --keith
  • also need a SIM card. --dennis
  • I need to copy 2 keys (they are Silca WK55), please let me know if you have the hardware to do so -- Korfuri (talk)
  • I'm looking for a non-broken keyboard (either QWERTY and QUERTZ) that'll fit in Thinkpad T410, you can contact me on jabber or GSM (If I manage to get a SIM) -- arisum
  • I am looking for a Garmin Fenix 3 Charger Cable :) Yatekii
  • My WiFi cards have gone a bit weird. Does anyone have some spare USB WiFi dongles? Linux friendly! -- ferret
  • We are looking for 2 sim cards, would also take single cards. --C
  • Looking for a SIM-Card-Stanzer to easily convert the MicroSIM to NanoSim. DECT 7299
  • I'm looking for any usb keyboard to temporarily replace my dead laptop keyboard --Utaal
  • searching for cheap in-ear headphones, mic is optional. DECT 7411 --Asterix
  • looking for Thinkpad Trackpoint Caps and ESP8266 --Vollbit
  • Looking for a Displayport->HDMI cable/adapter, offering a HDMI cable in return --Wasamasa
  • Looking for an L-band antenna, for Iridium or similar / active or passive DECT 6581 --Manawyrm
  • I'm looking for a board with an Intel Atom C2750 or C2758 CPU -- Grimmel (talk)
  • Im looking for a reeeeeally small (older but non-atom) notebook. I would swap for a thinkpad x200 (or money). (nullmark, 2992)
  • Looking for two 10GbE NICs with LC multimode modules (alternatively someone who is experienced with Myricom network cards) - call 5314 -- Fil0r1
  • Looking for random 5V-compatible I2C sensors (temperature, air pressure, humidity etc.), can offer caffeinated chocolate or mini silicone tentacles in exchange. call 3373.
  • Mini hacker (2 yrs) seeks mini fairy dust or similar rocket. He really loves the CCC rocket. Call 8269 on DECT.
  • need a Threema licence, do not want to pay via googlestore, paypal, etc. Would like to pay cash/mate/beer. --Vollbit
  • mensch_meier_and_friends are looking for a strong uv light in the 500w range. (like what is used for screen printing) if u got one or know where to lend one, plz come over to our little dome or call 5252
  • looking for an ethernet usb 2.0 or 3.0 dongle --Sargantana
    • i have one LogiLink UA0025C FastEthernet to USB adapter, could you call me on 2137? dfgg
  • looking for floppy drives: 3.5 inch, 5.25 inch DECT/SIP 8111 --Itsme
  • Selling Thinkpad X230 smart card readers Phoebe Dect: 5691
  • Looking for any 3.7V LiPo Battery for my C.H.I.P. --syso
  • Looking for a Thinkpad X201 Display cable (or display). If you somehow have a spare, please call DECT:6697 --mkalte
  • Looking for someone with a spare Thinkpad charger (mine got lost :(), contact me on jabber (

Hacker seeks Software

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • Looking for someone who has had psychedelic experience with psilocybe (or some other hallucinogen). Want to exchange experiences, discuss meaning of life and stuff. Call 2524.
  • We seek a hacker with a working Mac OS X to create a recovery USB key - DECT: 7558 - one Mate in return ;-)
  • Looking for Hackers with experience building Android CustomROMs -- IsoLinearCHiP
  • Someone who has a floppy drive reader. Need to read dump 1 floppy drive. DECT 6666. --kirils
  • Need a hacker with a device with USB-C. I have these 3.0<->3.1 adapters I suspect are in fact not supporting USB3.0 and we need to test them. DECT 6666. --kirils
  • Seek someone with experience in hypnosis. Call 3635 mr_moe
  • Someone with an interest in Wireshark and Wireless security who is happy to spend some time chatting. Missed the session on the first day. ferret
  • Looking for someone can help soldering an broken Micro-USB socket back to an QR-Code reader (think it's a "Honeywell N5680/N5690"). My soldering iron at home is not small enough for SMD. DECT 6301 Akira (talk)
  • Looking for someone who can help me jailbreaking my 3Ds to run some nice Homebrew. DECT 6301 Akira (talk)
  • Looking for someone who can help me creating an artificial intelligence Twitter:@photo_tobi DECT: 4099 B1T0
  • Looking for fellow Admins/DevOps to exchange experience about e.g. virtualization platforms and configurantion management DECT: 7558 --Rcc (talk) 19:58, 28 December 2016 (CET)
  • Looking for someone that has knowledge about CA infrastructure, preferably someone that has hands-on experience. Ptr (talk)
  • Looking for people who play Schafkopf -- Need at least 3 others. Call 6635 or ping me on Twitter
  • 3D Hacker! I am CNC milling clear dental aligners. Input is a point cloud/mesh of human jaws, no texture, no color, just 3D. How to automatically separate teeth from the gum, how to isolate the teeth? --Shu (talk)

Hackers seek hackers in their region

  • If anybody is interested in founding a Chaostreff in Burghausen or surroundings, please drop a note on my talk page. --Reini (talk) 11:36, 28 November 2016 (UTC)
  • And the same for Bayreuth and my talk page :) --Apo (talk) 22:22, 15 December 2016 (CET)
  • And the same for Clausthal/Goslar and my talk page :) --Shibumi (talk) 22:22, 24 December 2016 (CET)
    • Wow, don't just copy other peoples' text. So lazy. --Apo (talk) 21:32, 25 December 2016 (CET)
  • I am also trying to set up a Chaostreff in Bonn/Sankt Augustin. If interested send me a Message Twitter: @_DonRichie / DECT 2244 / DonRichie auf dem Hackint IRC

Hacker seeks T-Shirt

  • I have an Angels Tshirt from last year ("Gated Communities") in Size L (Large) which is way to small for me (it was from the beginning, so it has never been used). I would be happy to find somebody with the same one in XL, who would like to exchange. Sounds hard to find, so I would also switch with any past Congress-Shirt. Call 6695
  • Looking for an shirt from 18c3 (or reprint, the one with the keyaboard in front of the star) in size L or XL for sale? Call 7259 (Salz)
  • Would like to swap my size L Zipper from this year for a XL, if there is no one to be found until tomorrow I'd sell it (without profit for 45 €) - Call 2411
  • Would like to swap my size L Zipper from this year for a XL, if there is no one to be found until day4 I'd sell it (without profit for 45 €) - Call 3202 or 3226 (dario)
  • Would like to swap my size L Hoodie from this year for a size L Zipper – Call 2744 or DM @burnoutberni

Hacker seeks Cryptocurrency

  • Looking for Bitcoin in exchange for € 50 prepaid creditcard gift card --Mr.Blue (talk) 18:14, 28 December 2016 (CET)
  • Selling and Buying Bitcoins for cash --Phoebe Dect: 5691

Assembly seeks Resources

  • We are looking for someone with 3D-Printer at the congress, since we need to print some items for There Is No Game @33c3. Please contact our Assembly Bogonauten. --TobiOrNotTobi
  • We are looking for someone with a 3D-Scanner, able to capture something tiny like a "key" Haquium Marburgensis Dect 6268
  • We are looking for someone regarding ieee MAC OUI registration team. Pls contract Haquium Marburgensis Dect 6268
  • The Aaaaaaaaaaaa Assembly is looking for the Fairy Dust documentation and/or the color code of the colors used on the original Fairy Dust! Contact: @c3troc, @metaRipper on twitter, TROC on DECT

Free stickers

  • I have a box of freaky stickers. Some are really weird. Ask me for one if you meet me --ferret
    • Review by sirenensang: ★★★☆☆ not that weird. more like, really cool
  • I have Hacktoberfest and stickers --wasamasa

Engineer seeks Hacker

If you are interested in making aircraft, railway and automotive systems more secure by analyzing and testing them, consider joining SILVER ATENA in Hamburg.

Team site: [2]

Open Positions: [3] AND [4]

Or talk to me (tall guy in CERN formula T-Shirt) between 15.00 and 16.00 in the surroundings of Coffee Nerds (4th floor)

Refugee seeks Work

  • Recently got a CV from a refugee from Afghanistan who is looking to support his family of 5 here in Hamburg as a networking engineer. He has a Master of Science from TU-Berlin, his thesis was concerned with building wireless mesh networks. --zeitgeist


  • Contact me if you got some M.D.M.A. :) karlxman[at]
    • Same here. atcx@freenode or atcx@hackint
    • ^
  • Still looking for some 2C-B. --2750082346
    • To Cut Bacon?
  • looking for some aderall/amph rachel@freenode
  • looking for some aderall/amph as well. xmpp: ptr@riseup
  • twentyfourtwenty looking for w -- XMPP
  • Dr.Greenthumb haz da weed: DECT 4644
  • I want to get rid of some homemade CBD oil (no THC) - jglauche@hackint DECT 4478

Hacker sucht Informationen

  • Die Liste der ftp Server ist bekannt, aber wo findet man Informationen über die sonstigen Dienste des Netzes? Wenn jeder nmap laufen lässt macht das ja alle Switche zu: Gibt es eine Liste?
    • Die Chinesen haben bestimmt eine...

Idee sucht Umsetzung

Seit Jahren ärgere ich mich, dass unser Sozialstaat einerseits kaputt gespart wird und andererseits Geld für hirnlose Großprojekte ala #BER, #Stuttgart21, #EGK (elektronische Gesundheitskarte), #VDS (Vorratsdatenspeicherung), #Bundestrojaner und vieles andere mehr verschwendet wird. Leider bin ich nicht am 33C3 und auch kein Programmierer - aber ich möchte gerne meine Idee an fähige Leute weitergeben: Ich stelle mir eine App und Webseite vor, mit der jeder Bundesbürger die Misstände in seiner Umgebung fotografieren kann und umgehend auf auf einer Karte (openstreetmap, google-Map) online stellen kann. Der Missstand sollte kategorisierbar sein (verottete Schule, Kita, Schwimmbad, Sportplatz, Bahnhof, Gleisanlagen, Straßen, etcpp). Aus diesen ganzen Bildern sollte sich relativ schnell auf der Deutschland (Europa-) Karte ersichtlich sein, wie groß die Misstände inzwischen sind und für die ganze Welt öffentlich sein. Damit kann endlich Druck auf die Politik ausgeübt werden (so hoffe ich). Conversations:

    • pfft, als ob das was brächte. Die Misstände sind bekannt und die Auftretensdichte wohldokumentiert. Es ist ja auch nicht so, als ob die Kommunen nicht bereits "Druck" nach oben ausüben würden. jm2c

Human Dating

Have fun!

Boy seeks Kernel

  • 22/M Blonde hacker from the Middle East, can type 140 WPM and i once wrote a lisp interpreter with rocks while stranded on a mountain in the desert for 40 hours, I'm looking for custom kernel hardening patches, 4.3+ please since i ain't into gigantic merge windows, Also, I love talking to people, you want to talk? i want to talk too!, talk to me!, Find me (Looking at this now and waiting for you!) or in the IRC (hackint) - mmartin

Boy seeks Girl

  • Long haired hacker seeks some nice female company for the congress: going for breakfast/lunch/dinner, visiting talks/assemblies, nerdy talking, cuddling and maybe a pillow fight in my hotel room? --Thorbasaence (talk)
  • Tomcat seeks cat lady. Would love to be taken out to the Catonium for the Play Party by a caring owner --Katzofant (talk)
  • Looking for some relaxation after a long day with talks and hacking? I'm a hopefully not too bad looking 40yo hacker, looking for a nice girl who would like to accompany me to a Sauna (e.g. Holstentherme or any other spa). Contact me e.g. on Twitter: @_openmind76_ or mail: --Openmind (talk)
  • Big cuddly Hacker search for cute girl to have fun here in Hamburg. Doing nerdy stuff and Lounge for the next few days DECT 8416 ASL 32MaleD&E (talk)
  • Short 21yo haired hacker/electronics student/firefighter searching for girl for (nerdy)talking/cuddling and frienship.I'm from Austria (NeoFromMatrix)
  • Male person seeks female person for Congress romance: email
  • Looking for smart girl to hang out with, Me: 33yo, short hair, fit (Tempel)
  • I am looking for intelligent woman for nice conversation and maybe more. I am a slim nice guy. And Real. 43. Follow the laugh. mail
  • 20 years old metalhead seeks nice women for nerdy talking. DECT: 7096 or Mail:
  • After three days of congress, I thought, I'm also looking for a nice girl to talk and entertain, am m 23 coming from leverkusen and very active in the chaos world, just sign up... e-mail:
  • Incompetent 21yo intern seeks experienced master of desaster. Unfortunately I missed the bondage workshop. Contact me on DECT 7940; jabber:
  • 34yo long haired hacker looking for nice female company for rest of congress, for nerd-talk, cuddles, kisses and maybe more. Must be non-smoker! Mail:
  • Nerdy medium-length haired computer scientist and punk-oriented male person from the Ruhr area, 34yo seeks for a smart single female person with common or similar interests to share time and more (@ and of course after the congress) (Mythozz).

Boy seeks MF couple

Girl seeks Boy

  • sup, me a lony nerd girl form the nice town hamburg is seeking for some metting and moar. ;) daylight-aceptable long red welly hair. like rock punk and party. seeking tall interresating guy without a gf.
    • some contact information would help, maybe…

  • 420freundliche loungeraucherin in baufähig mit vaporisator (+23, mag Pflanzen, Essen & Technik, mit ebenso schönem bi-flauschgefährten) lf lounge-rückenmassagenflausch oder mehr. V5AE6B24

Girl seeks Girl

  • 23yo girl wants to meet and befriend cool female hackers. Likes python and c++, vidya, anime, and memes. --miniplane

Boy seeks Boy

  • 39yo handsome, interested in code and systems architecture, languages, math physics psychology and flausch! Find me on irc tsparkle
  • 33 yo single looking for an open minded boy/man up to 36 for dating and chatting ;) like php, python, c, security, social engineering and romantic stuff ;) VOIP Phone is 2774 o threema 8VDT4ZSZ
  • 30 yo single, bisexual, rather cuddly / affectionate person tends to be available for hugs, cuddles or more! Does DevOps stuff, is interested in music, photography, FOSS and hugs. Is on IRC (freenode, hackint, OFTC, ...) as Fuchs, randomly tweets as @zwitscherfuchs. Speaks (Swiss)German, French and English.
  • 25yo single open for chats :) Podcastting, Trains, Web Development & more. Twitter, GR (PlanetRomeo), IRC (freenode, hackint): gglnx, DECT: 6969, Threema 69NKJFN5
  • Any 16-19yo around interested in talking/hanging out? Edit here ;)

🤔 Where is the cruising area this year?

Free hugs

  • Anyone in need of a hug (or several hugs, also long hugs) and/or some talking to someone contact regines - DECT: 4844 (HUGG as in hugging)
  • The Compiler also has free hugs to offer - DECT: 4242
  • Free hugs, motivational speeches and all other kinds of good vibes from X41 - DECT: 7410
  • Free Hugs. Doing this since several years on different events, thus got lots of practice, people usually come back for more. Wrote my own Rhonda's Free Hugging Guidelines. Rhonda - DECT: 6320 — Review by MacLemon ★★★★★ - Soft and cuddly. Great value. Would hug again!
  • Free Hugs or chocolate @C3Lounge