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Dec 28., 22:00 Keysync
Dec 28., 22:00 Keysync
Dec 29., 14:00 The tech of current pEp releases
Dec 29., 20:00 How to integrate pEp into your development environment
Dec 29., 20:00 How to integrate pEp into your development environment

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Website https://gnunet.org/, https://pep.foundation/
Contact Jeff Burdges <burdges@gnunet.org>

+33 2 99 84 71 47 office +33 7 68 00 29 48 mobile/signal/whatsapp

Nana Karlstetter <contact@pep.foundation>

Description We from the GNUNet and p≡p projects seek to build privacy preserving secure alternatives to current internet protocols with the aim to preserve or increase freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of the press.

We organize the We Fix the Net talks session on Wednesday, a successor to the YBTI sessions of previous years. We love to chat about privacy, cryptographic protocol, etc. anytime however!

Members Dangole, Darthmama, Hidden-markov, Jeffburdges, LynX, Nana, Pf, Roker, Vx
Projects PEp -- pretty Easy privacy, PoPCoin, Taler instruction
There Is No Game Tinglogo.png
Self-organized Sessions A walk through the inner core of pEp, GNUNet e.V. meeting, How to integrate pEp into your development environment, PEp KeySync, PEp User Interface Design, PEp for Java Script, PEp tech troubleshooting, e.g. Android and IMAP problems, PoParty, Taler workshop, The tech of current pEp releases, We Fix the Net, YBTI Berlin January 2
Subassembly of Noisy Square
Related to Assembly Free Software Foundation Europe, Courage Foundation
Tags privacy, freedom of information, freedom of speech, mass encryption, usability, open source, multiple platforms, interoperability, end-to-end, mobile services, peer-to-peer, encryption, key synchronization, free and open source software, innovation, meta data protection
Registered on 17 November 2016 14:06:59
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes At least the following sessions:
  • We Fix The Net
  • Taler workshop
  • pEp@FSFE assembly: Privacy by Default with pretty Easy privacy 27.12.; 18:00-19:00; Hall B
  • pEp walkthrough (core parts) as interactive talk 28.12.; 11:00-13:00; Hall B
  • pEp workshops (for specific platforms)
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Orga contact burdges@gnunet.org
Uses money no money handling
Plays TING yes
Plays TING skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 10
Extra seats 3
Assembly specification loud place ok, want loud place, want sit in background, want sit public, want low light, special requirements other stated below
Planning notes We are a cluster of assemblies together with Wau Holland Foundation, Courage, and FSFE. We work on subjects like Freedom of the Internet and Freedom of Speech, Privacy as essential Human Right, Mass Encryption, Whistleblowing and support for FOSS projects as well as investigative journalism in this area. As well as bringing forward the community as a whole.
past congress review We loved our placement like last year next to Wau Holland Foundation and Courage on the right side of the stairwell going up. We were unsure if marking ourselves in Noisy Square gives exactly the right placement message, but this year the Noisy



Dec 28., 22:00 Keysync

Dec 29., 14:00 The tech of current pEp releases

Dec 29., 20:00 How to integrate pEp into your development environment

Dec 30., 14:00 pEp for Java Script

Meeting point is at our assembly table (next to Wau Holland Foundation).

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@pep.foundation.

p≡p stands for pretty Easy privacy: p≡p is radically easing the use of well-known and established end-to-end cryptographic tools for already existing and widely used written digital communication channels (like e-mail, SMS or chat). Ultimately, p≡p wants to change the default in written digital communications: from unencrypted, unverified and unanonymized to encrypted, verified and anonymized.

p≡p's protocols automate the steps taught to users at cryptoparties to protect personal security and privacy by default. Thus, we are able to provide total protection on a state of the art expert encryption level for everyone regardless of their technical knowledge or expertise and for a substantial portion of their communication needs.

p≡p supports multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Linux, BSD, MacOS, Windows), multiple languages, multiple crypto technologies and multiple message transports as well as devices. We offer a 100% Peer-to-Peer, End-to-End and device based secure synchronization of keys and configuration that is cheaper, faster, easier and better than any existing solution (“Faster” measures download and install. The p≡p Installer takes less than 10s, asks no questions or information). Development wise, we provide very simple APIs to allow for easy integration of p≡p into application programming.

All software published by p≡p foundation is and shall forever remain open source as well as freely available for the general public. All p≡p software is and will be subject to an independent code review.

p≡p is organized as (1) p≡p foundation, a non-profit organization that owns the p≡p engine and supports Free and Open Source Software and Privacy by Default; and (2) p≡p security, an enterprise to distribute p≡p applications and respective services (B2B and B2C).

In summary p≡p innovates on multiple fronts to change the defaults: It Makes Digital Privacy Easy – and empowers the user to have Privacy running on Open Source software. Please find further information here: https://pep.foundation/docs/pEp-whitepaper.pdf; https://pep.foundation/docs/code-audits/2016-report-pepengine-v0.2e.pdf

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