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Please give links to websites describing your Assembly. If you have multiple URLs, you can separete them by a comma (",").
Official contact
This is the general contact in case of interest or questions. Use e.g. a mail address, website, (DECT) phone number or the name of specific member(s). Please do not try to create a link to a user page. This is not the contact address for orga.
Mail contact for orga team
Please provide a valid e-mail address here. This will be used by the orga team to contact you. Make sure that we really can! If you use a mailing list then set it to accept unknown addresses and bcc mailings (ml address not in 'to' fields and such). You might get dropped if we are unable to contact you.
Short description.
Place a short description of your Assembly into this field. For detailed information use the Free Text field below. Please do not use any wiki-code except line breaks or lists within this field.
Select parent Assembly, if any.
If your Assembly is a part of another Assembly, please select your parent Assembly here. The parent Assembly must exist and must not have a parent Assembly, before you can select it. If you are a Subassembly, please note that you enter your requirements either in your Subassembly page or in your parent Assembly page, but never in both!
Select related Assemblies
If your Assembly is related to other Assemblies, select them here. This will help us to cluster your Assemblies to better overall satisfaction. We try to place related Assemblies near each other (if possible).
Add tags describing your Assembly. You might want to use tags provided via autocompletion or add new tags that do not yet exist along the wiki.
Provides location for sessions
Selecting yes or maybe in this field will add your Assembly to the list of self-organized-session / workshop locations. This will allow you and other people to add and schedule sessions that will show up within the session calendar.
The following fields will be used for categorizing and placing your Assembly. Please make sure that you fill the fields with valid information, as we can only place your Assembly at the right location, if we know your needs.
Character of Assembly
Select what kind of Assembly you are: Are you either a group that just wants a place to gather and hack in the hackcenter or do you want to show your projects and get in contact with other people?
Things we bring
Please put everything special here that you bring which makes your Assembly interesting. Especially mention things that need extra space.
Projects we work on on-site or present
List any projects you will work on or present on-site.
There Is No Game
Are you willing to collaborate with no game that won't be played at the congress, especially not by your Assembly?
Member seats needed.
Please give us a number. For extra seats you might need during sessions, use the next field. Remember your last congresses and be sure that you only request seats really needed. Rule of thumb: 1/4 (if your Assembly has ~20 persons you need ~5 seats).
Extra seats needed.
Please fill in the amount of session seats you need during self-organized-sessions / workshops at your Assembly as a number.
Money Handling
If you plan to take any money from participants in exchange for goods or services, you require explicit permission to do so. If you respond "no", you are not entitled to engage in any monetary exchange. If you respond "yes", you will receive a follow-up email. Please clarify this point before December 1st.
Planned sessions
Please give us some notes on planned sessions. A short list with some information like the type of the session and so on.
Assembly specification
The better you specify your needs in this survey, the higher is the probability that we are able to find a fitting place for you. Nothing is guaranteed though, we will try our very best.

explanations for the options above:
you don't need to pick any of those options if you are flexible or don't care
1. please state if you want to sit in a more quiet area, if noise doesn't bother you (lounge music, amplified audio from sessions, ...) or you even want to be in a livelier place
2. please state if you need public access or a rather secluded area
3. please state if you need bright (working) light or want a lounge like colorful dark (if you need bright light we will place you in an area where it won't clash with the decorations, but you will have to bring working lights yourself)
4. please state if you have any special requirements and describe them in the comment field below

Planning notes
Anything else we need to know to find a good place for you? Special need of electricity beside the usual laptops etc? Special network needs? Wanted neighborhood?
Past congress comments
If you have already been to a congress: Please review your own Assembly at the last congress (or the ones before that). What have you done last time? Were you happy with your space? What would you like to change for this year's congress?
Location of the Assembly on the map. This is not used for requesting a location but to publish the location given by the Assembly team around the wiki and the map.

Put the detailed description for the Assembly into this field. This will show up as the content of the Assembly page: