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Description The ##buero. Provider of luck-as-a-service.
Members IsoLinearCHiP, Mad, Nullmark, Silias
Projects Android CustomROMs
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags esp8266, tea, coffee, winkekatze, mqtt, blinkenlights, juggling, 18650
Registered on 13 November 2016 01:43:56
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes Build your own cyberified lucky cat! (soldering, microcontroller)

Juggling meetup

Tea time

Recycling of Cells from dead and unused rechargable battery packs (bring your own dead)

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Note: The location on the map does not represent a reservation of a location and might not represent the actual place, where a assembly can be found. The place can be changed within the form of the assembly by anyone. It will be updated by the assembly itself on day 0 or day 1 as soon as the actual location is known.
Orga contact
Brings A nice tablecloth, The Internet Of Cats, a selection of very fine tea.

Also blinky lights, some of them inside juggling balls.

Projects More lucky cats.

Build blinky thing. Or maybe more fady than blinky. Depends.

Recycling cells from dead rechargable batteries. And doing stuff with them.

Repair a broken Beamer. For sake of old times.

Uses money no money handling
Plays TING no
Plays TING skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 8
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want quiet place
Planning notes
past congress review Last time we had up to ten people gathering at the same time, did one nice beamer repair action involving a few extra people and created

The year before we had a nice AVR soldering workshop making some littlewires.


We are a table full of people, bringing weird stuff such as tea, winkekatzen, dead batteries, blinky stuff and juggling balls (not that there is much of a difference). We build more winkekatzen, tinker with ESP's* and probably repair a beamer. Again.

If you want to build your own winkekatze, ask us.

  • The small computer-y devices, not the stuff where one hold his hands at his temple, murmurs and rips the audience.