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Brings for social purposes: - "Samowar" - ancientfor social purposes: - "Samowar" - ancient tea machine. Pulls 2000W when heating, less when keeping water warm. Is not noisy, about the same noisy level as a conversation of non-yelly folks. - Stickers: "Cyber-Siegel" and "Wolper life" for hygenic purposes: - Disinfectant (NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR SHOWERING, or washing hands) to keep Congressseuche in check for hacking - Game platform prototype: we want to see what kind of games can be created using the intentionally limited capabilities (knock sensors and rgb-LEDs, no sound). Needs a little bit of power for raspi&co.ds a little bit of power for raspi&co.  +
Has assembly specification want quiet place  + , want sit in background  +
Has assembly tag tea  + , future  + , health  + , freedom of communication  + , space team  + , cyberseal  + , stickers  +
Has assembly type just a gathering space  +
Has contact  +
Has description infuanfu - Institut für angewandte Futurisinfuanfu - Institut für angewandte Futuristik. The institute is concerned with applied future. For this to be RELEVANT, there needs to be a future. Which requires happy, healthy individuals. Several projects are occurring to further this. We have "Cyber-Siegel" this. We have "Cyber-Siegel" stickers.  +
Has orga contact  +
Has past congress review Last congress: Space was cool, but somewhat cramped. We need around 2000W for a Samowar.  +
Has planning notes Due to having some overlapping attendees, we can be placed with the European CERTs and CSIRTs. Tea and Health obviously require a place were people can act CALM and RATIONAL. So not noisy.  +
Has website  +
Needs extra seats 0  +
Needs seats 6  +
Plans sessions - Tea brewing and Disinfectant handout: Always, unless we're sleeping.  +
Plays ting no  +
Plays ting skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}  +
Projekte - Healthy nerds. We hand out disinfectant. FOR FREE. - Frozen nerds. We brew tea. Bring your own cup policy. - Game machine prototype, inspired by the likes of "space team" but with way less shouting!  +
Provides session location no  +
Related to Assembly European CERTs and CSIRTs +
Uses money no money handling  +
Has queryThis property is a special property in this wiki. Infuanfu + , Infuanfu + , Infuanfu + , Infuanfu + , Infuanfu + , Infuanfu + , Infuanfu + , Infuanfu +
Creation dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 13 November 2016 20:49:28  +
Categories Assembly  + , Parent Assembly  +
Last editor isThis property is a special property in this wiki. Hdz +
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